Colorfy Clean App Design

Colorfy is a digital coloring book for adults that capitalizes on the adult coloring craze sweeping the nation, and on the fact that stressed-out adults need ways to relax. The app bills itself as a simple way to let your mind be free as you’re soothed by the colors and concentration of the app. With over 1000 available pictures to paint, there’s virtually no way users can get bored with this platform. There’s even a create your own mandala feature, so users can create their own unique and interesting shapes to color in.

The app features different tools, so users can select how precise they wish to be. There’s a fill tool, which will fill in the selected area to the lines, as well as a pen, crayon, and oil paintbrush to create varied effects. There are also a range of different color palettes to explore, with a new free palette added each day for a limited time. The different options for coloring and effects make the platform accessible to users of all levels.

Of course the app is complete with sharing features so budding artists can publish their work to Instagram, Pinterest, and messaging apps. There’s also a built-in community where users can publish their work to receive feedback and encouragement. The community also acts as an inspirational motivator for other artists using the platform.

Though the painting tools themselves have a bit of a learning curve, as any platform of this nature does, the navigation of the app itself is simple. A tabbed navigation runs along the bottom of the screen, allowing users easy pathways to the main areas of the site. The white background and lightweight typography that defines the experience of the app allows the beauty of the artwork to become the focal point.  

Colorfy is a clean app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.