Well Done Cooking Timer Smart App Design

You’ve probably been there before: You’re making several items for dinner, and you have a timer on your smartphone, on the oven, and on the microwave. You’re running around the kitchen as timers beep and buzz. If only there was a way to simplify all of that.

Well Done Cooking Timer is a clean, smart solution to the original kitchen timer. One device, multiple timers: It’s every home cook’s dream!

Well Done Cooking Timer Minimalist App Design

Multiple pages of timers can be set to keep track of everything that’s cooking. To check the status of the meal, users only have to glance at one screen to see all of the information they need.

Well Done Cooking Timer User Friendly App Design

The layout of the app offers a simple user experience. People using the app are cooking, and they don’t need to spend more than a few seconds checking their times. The black-and-white typography stands out against the image of the cutting board in the background.

Why complicate something that doesn’t need to be complicated? Well Done Cooking Timer has developed an app that makes working in the kitchen easier. Their simple, clean, minimalist program makes keeping track of when dinner will be ready a breeze. Now, if only it could actually cook the food for us!

Well Done Cooking Timer is a minimalist app design in the technology industry.