Arden Coaching logo design

Arden Coaching’s Logo Depicts The Potential Of Transforming Leadership & Advancing Organizations

Arden Coaching is a New York-headquartered business management and consultancy agency with a mission to help organization leaders and their teams operate efficiently and profitably.

Through their expertise and insight, the consultants work with individuals and groups on delivering “tangible shifts in beliefs and behavior that help companies grow.”

Smallnormous branding agency was in charge of Arden Coaching’s logo redesign, for which they tapped into the abundant symbolism of the coaching company’s origin, backstory and brand purpose.

The theme of the logo is a tree that signifies growth and profusion – the end goal of every coaching session.

The sturdy tree trunk stands for the coach’s steady assistance while the lavish, three-dimensional canopy is an allegory of multi-faceted leadership and necessary skills every leader needs to succeed.

The thick semi-circle connecting both ends of the canopy under the tree trunk implies the fully-rounded coaching work that results in a well-integrated company adapted to take on any business challenge.

Compared to the old version of the logo, the new one lends a much more elaborate iconography of a tree by connecting this image with the coaching company’s actual raison d’etre.

The new version of the logo also features a modern, sans-serif font that contributes to a more contemporary and relevant brand image.

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The Logo Links The Name Inspiration With The Coaching Company’s Primary Mission

Arden Coaching was named after Forest of Arden from William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” This was a place of life-changing transformation for the play’s protagonists.

The choice of logo imagery plays very effectively into this naming origin as well as the company’s dedication to shaping the enterprise leaders through high ethical standards, professional coaches and commitment to clients.

Arden Coaching logo design

The Primary And Secondary Colors Of Arden Coaching’s Logo Stay True To The Brand’s Roots While Treading New Grounds

Every aspect of the Arden Coaching logo is brand new, from the color palette to the brand typeface.

The previous version of the logo contained one saturated shade of purple and dark grey, while the serif typography indicated the kind of exclusivity that may have been unfitting for a professional consultancy agency.

The updated primary brand font – Calibri Light, Regular and Bold – makes the logo and, consequently, the company, much more approachable.

Two new primary colors are Cool Gray 10C (#63656a, the same or very similar to the previous shade of grey) and a slightly cooler hue of deep purple (#3d1152).

Although not visible in the logo, the entire Arden Coaching rebranding package also consists of several secondary colors like orange, ultramarine, teal and navy blue.

These colors are generally used in other aspects of business collateral like memorandums and website, but can also be a part of the logo if so required by the medium the logo is on.

Arden Coaching (slide 3)

The New Arden Coaching Logo Is Applicable To A Wide Array Of Business Collateral

As is the norm in logo branding, the design agency prepared multiple versions of the logo to be used in different settings and collateral.

There is the horizontal primary logo in two-color, one-color, black and white/negative variants with the company name to the right of the icon.

There is also the horizontal version of the logo, with company name under the logo.

Also, there are icon only versions of the logo, sans the brand name, in two-color, one-color, black and white options.

All of these different iterations of the logo are applicable to a range of printed/online documents and media, such as business cards, letterheads, digital PDFs, invoices, digital banners and ads, billboards and more.

Arden Coaching (slide 4)

Arden Coaching’s Logo Design Connects The Agency With Its Audience Through Rich Symbolism

A logo design is a critical element of a branding strategy.

By telling what a brand stands for, it connects companies with their target audience. A good logo design resonates with prospects and customers, bringing success to a business.

Arden Coaching’s 2021 brand refreshment had a logo redesign as its centerpiece. The logo reflects not only the transformative potential of executives and teams, but also the way Arden Coaching itself evolved over the years.

The company’s contemporary new logo highlights the Arden tree, forming the crucial continuity with the brand’s origins.

Founder and president of Arden Coaching, Maren Perry, explains the symbolism of the logo:

“That sense of positive change and transformation captures who we are as a coaching firm, what we do, and how we do it. […] A forest is also a place through which one chooses their own path. People come upon obstacles such as rocks, rivers, ravines, and animals, and forge a way through.”

The job of an executive coach is to point to a greater business perspective than clients can see on the surface.

The company logo, with its colors associated with plentifulness and optimism, its in-style typeface and its telling iconography, does just that - even before clients get in touch with Arden Coaching representatives.

The branding agency behind this logo redesign, puts it like this:

“For this executive coaching company, we designed a new tree-themed logo featuring a strong trunk to represent the coach’s support, topped by a faceted, dimensional canopy symbolizing the various skills an effective leader needs to develop. A fresh color palette and lightweight, modern font convey approachability and optimism.”

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