House of Ellixirz logo design

The House Of Ellixirz Logo Design Aesthetic Evokes Meticulous Craftsmanship And Style

The House Of Ellixirz is a cocktail bar based in Sibiu, Romania, established with a passion for and dedication to hospitality and cocktails.

Fittingly so, it is located in the heart of Transylvania in a place called “The City with Eyes” for its culture, gastronomy, and unique architecture.

Mike Rock, a UAE-based design agency, created the brand’s exquisite and ornate logo. It embodies the bar’s relaxed speakeasy vibe and their passion for making stunning drinks.

Mike Rock’s approach to the House of Ellixirz logo design incorporates local tradition, spirituality and luxurious, contemporary bar culture to form a unique market position for the brand.

Although modern, the logo’s amalgamation of different visual elements evokes the Middle Ages heraldry.

House of Ellixirz has a vintage look and magnetic appeal

The House Of Ellixirz Logo Design Uses Motionless Geometry And Minimalism To Combine Contemporary With Traditional Symbols

The prominent geometric, stationary image calls to mind ornate woodwork.

Geometry is an integral part of the design from top to bottom. But more than relying on the typical minimalist trends or drawing from the complex patterns found within Norman or Islamic art, Mike Rock’s elaborate pattern takes a different direction. It reflects how logo designers often explore unique and unconventional approaches to create visually captivating and distinctive designs.

While contemporary, the House of Ellixirz logo design leverages on traditional European beliefs by putting the image of a dragonfly front and center, enveloping the brand’s name.

The most common belief related to dragonflies is that they represent a tie to the spiritual world. It is widely believed that if a dragonfly visits you, good luck, prosperity, harmony and fortune are coming your way.

This tiny animal conveys the message of living life with full potential, to live every day like it’s the last one. Inspired by this credence, the House Of Ellixirz logo design simultaneously turns the tables, inviting the guests to fill the glass and drink from the source.

Looking down from its symmetrical wings, the dragonfly’s tail turns into a cocktail stirrer, showcasing the bar’s main star – its drinks.

House of Ellixirz Spirits

House of Ellixirz Shows That A Powerful Brand Name And A Memorable Logotype Are The Recipes For Success

The “House of Ellixirz” exudes a sense of authority and the aforementioned medieval, almost noble vibe.

The brand name also suggests the welfare the brand aims to bring. More than a simple liquor, the House of Ellixirz seems to offer a spiritual remedy to its customers, an elixir for the soul.

Although seemingly composed of two distinct fonts, the logotype actually uses two aspects of the same, conveniently named, serif Bon Vivant typeface family, Script and Bold. They add a touch of luxury and vintage quality to the overall brand image.

Combining it with the rich hues of gold and silver contributes to envisioned grandeur while maintaining the brand’s welcoming nature and approachability.

This union brings the very best of warm, laid-back Romanian hospitality and elevates the traditional Balkan bar to the heights of the legendary New York’s “Cotton Club.”

It’s where people enjoy masterfully made “sinful” drinks paired with the swing-era jazz tunes. It doesn’t only make for a quality night out but a fun and unique experience.

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House of Ellixirz logo design - stylish presentation

House Of Ellixir’s Well-Designed Logo And Typography Proves To Be Effective Even When Used Separately

The dual nature of the House of Ellixirz logo design is contained in every element. Its subtle and unobtrusive nature makes it interesting for customers globally.

The abstract dragonfly logotype maintains its appeal, even for one not aware of its significance and symbolism.

Meanwhile, its beautiful typography complements each style perfectly, making it enough to stand on its own.

This is the core success of the House of Ellixirz logo design. The two main elements mix seamlessly and form something greater, but separating them doesn’t hurt the brand either.

The logo can therefore be used for different purposes, but still creates a strong branding for the House of Ellixirz

House of Ellixirz logo design has a touch of dragonfly

Raise Your Glass To The House Of Ellixirz Logo Design And The Winning Team Behind It

Since its establishment in 2019, the House of Ellixirz cocktail bar had the winning mentality from the get-go and never let go.

Its logo design managed to epitomize the brand while creating a solid recall right from the start.

The logo supports the property’s purpose and conveys its message of attainable opulence to different demographics effortlessly. Hence, making it irresistible to millennials, as well as generations used to fine hedonism.

The logo’s whole experience alludes to an evergreen, Great Gatsby-like escapade, without the snobby, kitsch elements that usually follow efforts such as these.

Lastly, the House of Ellixirz logo is likely to stay relevant in the foreseeable future, thanks to its effortless combination of classic and contemporary. It's a shining testament to branding experts' ability to beautifully blend these two different styles, conveying a timeless elegance and appealing to modern sensibilities.

Suffice to say, the House of Ellixirz logo design is undeniably worthy of the DesignRush Best Logo Design Award.

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