Pfizer Typography Logo Design

The Pfizer logo is an elliptical emblem of pharmaceutical dominance and scientific breakthrough.

Pfizer’s medicines like Lipitor, Lyrica, and Zithromax save and improve lives. The $203.1 billion company employs over 96,500 people and has been around since 1849.

The color has its own name: Pfizer blue. It was created specifically for Pfizer by Pantone, Inc.

The first iteration was created by renowned artist Gene Grossman and has a custom typeface that closely resembles a sort of humanist sans serif font.

The font is italic and the letters are less rounded than the first logo. This sends the message that Pfizer is more accessible and less formal. Medicinal breakthroughs should reach all.

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Pfizer Iconic Logo Design

Iconic logos are relevant. The subtle oval shape of a medicine tablet with the text “Pfizer” blitzes through our eyes

This oval shape carries an identity of hope and forward change.

The letter "p" and "f" presented a phonetic challenge. Grossman diminished the silence initially. He heightened its status and accentuated the f.

The “f” is salient and sears through like a sword to deliver maximum visual interest and visibility like a crystal-clear ocean floor. A blue oval that leans forward as if the company carries with it the speed and urgency to deliver pharmaceutical breakthroughs. It's shiny and vibrant and progressive.

We can see a brightened gradient added to the color. The Pfizer Blue symbolizes excellence, harmony, and peace.

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Pfizer Logo Design

The Pfizer logo is simple, visually appealing, and demonstrates the company’s legacy in pharmaceutical innovation. The silent f is highlighted and elevates visual appeal and interest. The forward-leaning oval in the shape of a tablet symbolizes the speed of medicinal advancement.

Creative and enduring, this logo demonstrates branding mastery.

Pfizer is a typography logo design in the medical & pharmacy industry.

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