BP Abstract Logo Design

BP represents British Petroleum—the third largest oil company in the world.

With great power comes great responsibility. BP decided to change their logo to mark a new era for their new vision: an era beyond petroleum.

To tackle this task, BP hired the famous San Francisco based brand consultancy firm, Landor Associates. Landor changed the meaning of BP, with a simple font symmetrical font change and Helios symbol. The brand was no longer British Petroleum, it was moving Beyond Petroleum.

The Helios symbol is stylized as a sunflower and represents the sun’s energy. The outside green border transitions to lighter shades and reflects BP’s new vision of positive environmental empathy and responsibility.

The interlocking aspect of the Helios design represents the diversity of BP’s products, people, and services.

This symbol was a mark of change and Landor nailed it: Nine months after launch, 97 percent of BP employees were aware of the brand idea, 9 out of 10 agreed that BP was heading in the right direction.


BP Symbol Design

The beauty of this logo is its promise of change. The result? 23 percent increase in retail sales at a global level. $7 billion increase in brand assets while competitors declined, and 5-10 percent increase of overall sales.

BP Logo Design

This logo shows how the power of design, with the right color combination and symbol, can radically change a company’s perception.

It established BP as not only environmentally conscious and sensitive—but as the world’s new leading provider of energy solutions.

BP is an abstract logo design in the distribution and manufacturing industries.