United Technologies Awesome Logo Design

United Technologies is a global technology conglomerate that creates aircraft engines, aerospace systems, elevators and escalators. They are worth $90.6 Billion and employ over 202,000 people.

This logo is genius. We see a gear symbol reminiscent of a turbine engine that takes inspiration from the company’s own Sikorsky Helicopter. The thinning lines induce a sense of motion. The lines become smaller as they rotate clock wise. The inner circle lightens the symbol which adds visual flare.

The blue color depicts supremacy, perfection, and optimism. Perfection is required in the level of precision and attention to detail required when designing plane engines. United Technologies implements a relentless focus on innovation and the company philosophy revolves around an optimistic view of the future. Blue is perfect to demonstrate this philosophy.

The font type is Helvetica Neue. The spacing of this font gives a dense and compact appearance, like the components of aerospace engines and electronic circuitry of complex aerospace systems. It has clarity and personifies authority corporate dominance.

United Technologies Great Logo Design

The words “United” and “Technologies” are stacked atop each other. With the gear icon at their side, the logo resembles the front of an aircraft destined for flight.

The simplicity of this logo is stunning. One symbol and one color convey the message that this company creates highly complex aircraft engines. The gear symbol draws people in.

United Technologies Logo Design

The best logos of all time serve as a beacon that attract people to the brand. There is storytelling and repetition in this logo via the gear symbol and its repeated lines which vary in thickness. This makes the symbol memorable and easily recognizable. The logo is distinct and stands out against potential competitors by incorporating a logo that pays homage to its Sikorsky Helicopter.

United Technologies has a logo that, like their aerospace and aircraft engines, will continue to take them to new heights.

United Technologies is an awesome logo design in the aerospace, engineering and technology industries.