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The Postmates Whimsical Flying Cyclist Playfully Adds Context To The Company 

Postmates is a food delivery app that connects people with brands and businesses in their area, providing them with food delivery and pickup services all from the same app platform. It’s one of the many popular food delivery apps on the market today, but one thing that helps it stand out is its sleek and sophisticated logo design.

The Postmates logo is made up of a flying individual on a bicycle. It looks like the bicycle is riding into the air, with its front wheel lifted off of the ground. Behind this image are three stars, almost giving the design a dynamic, moving effect.

It’s a simple design, created with a black and white color scheme, straight lines and a filled in shape. But it’s also a cool and creative image that adds a playfulness to the food delivery brand in its unique and airy persona.

This image aims to capture the brand and its services — deliveries are oftentimes carried out via a person on a bicycle, which makes sense considering this service is mainly available in cities where driving is almost impossible. So in a way, this logo embodies the brand and everything that it does.

Similarly, the three stars that sit behind the bicyclist not only make it look like the bike is moving, but it ties in with the theme of the app and the icons that live inside of it. Stars are used to rate delivery people on their service, and that tie-in is apparent right from the start in this logo design.

This is a very intuitive and eye-catching design — it’s a logo that understands the brand it's trying to represent and does so by walking a fine line of minimalism mixed with comprehensive background knowledge.

This memorable image shows that the brand took some time in coming up with a concept that would appropriately represent their initiatives — and we love it.

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Postmates Logo Moody Design

Postmates' Monochromatic Logo Design Gives The Brand An Air Of Authority

The Postmates logo is intriguing and deliberate — and there’s an authority that comes off of it in waves thanks to the color choice.

As we’ve mentioned — and we can’t say this enough — color matters. Colors evoke emotion and illicit an oftentimes powerful reaction. They can encourage people to buy, share and engage with brands in a way that other elements of design, and even marketing, can’t.

Colors are striking and thought-provoking. They make an impact on a subconscious level. And the use of contrasting colors like black and white definitely grab attention and provoke a reaction that’s tangible.

Black and white are opposing colors, but like the saying goes — opposites attract. And in design, seeing these two colors paired together can draw eyes and leave viewers with a feeling that lasts even after they’ve stopped interacting, consciously, with the design.

When you choose to use black and white together, you’re giving your messaging and your design a boost because these two colors, when used simultaneously, send a message all on their own.

They say “don’t look away,” and “this is important.” And this,  ultimately, makes people stop and interact.

Similarly, they give off a robust and powerful personality, aligning the brand as a whole as one that knows its industry and knows its services innately. And this means that it's a brand that consumers can trust.

And considering many of the other food delivery apps steer away from a black and white color scheme in their logos, Postmates certainly stands out positively as a result.

But even outside their psychological connotations, black and white are colors that emphasize minimalism, modernity and elegance. And these are powerful trends in design, with brands changing their looks to stay fresh and up-to-date. This logo already captures that modern edginess, so it’s already ahead of the game.

Postmates Branding Logo Design

The Postmates Logo Keeps Branding Consistent Through The Use Of Iconography

Through the use of clever imagery and bold color choice, the Postmates logo stands out. And its seen across a variety of mediums — it’s embedded in the app, on their website and even on driver merchandise like bags, helmets and more. Postmates puts their logo front and center every chance they get.

But it’s also evident in other ways — especially in the app itself.

The Postmates logo, at its core, is an icon. It’s a modern and sophisticated symbol that condenses a larger concept into an easily digestible form. And throughout the app, more icons are interspersed to give that context and clarity.

In the app, when a delivery person is on their way, a little icon will pop up on the map — and these icons show whether they are coming on foot, in a car or on a bicycle. Not only is this extremely user-friendly and fun, but it also puts the Postmates’ design talent on full display.

And these icons are created in a similar fashion to the logo itself — made up of the same lines, shading and overall look. The tone is clear right from the start, and throughout the app, you’re welcomed with different icons that all bring that brevity and comprehensiveness.

This is a creative way to keep branding consistent throughout the entire user experience. The brand isn’t just using one image as a moniker, but the idea of the icon as a whole to promote the brand and its leadership in the industry.

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Postmates Cool Logo Design

The History Of Postmates

Postmates is a food and drinks delivery and pickup service based in many major cities across the globe. It’s a brand that connects consumers with local and franchised businesses in the area to get them the food they want, fast.

Founded in San Francisco, California in 2011, the brand has grown rapidly in the seven years it's been operating. Today, the service is available in over 150 cities, with thousands of merchants signed up with the brand.

Postmates is an app-based program. Users download the app, set up an account and they’re done! Search through the hundreds of local offerings, make your request and a delivery driver will be at your door when it’s ready. You can even set up a pickup through the app without ever talking to a real person.

According to the brand:

Postmates is the largest, most reliable on-demand delivery and pickup platform. Able to deliver anything from anywhere, Postmates is the food delivery, grocery delivery, whatever-you-can-think-of delivery service to bring what you crave right to your door. We’re the largest in the Universe with more than 25,000+ partner merchants, many of them exclusive, and we’re adding more every day. Every customer enjoys a curated and tailored experience, showcasing the very best of their city. Just enter your address, find something you like, and add it to your cart. Once you place your order we’ll forward your payment to the store and you can watch us zigzag through the city streets to bring your package to you.

These food delivery apps have grown in popularity in recent years, and that’s due, in part, to the increasing reliance we as a society have on our smartphones. Consumers do everything on their phones now, and they want to spend less time interacting with real people — especially in these situations. And that’s why apps like Postmates are so successful.

Postmates Icon Logo Design

Why The Postmates Logo Works

The Postmates logo is so effective because of its simplicity — but not only that, the brand is able to capture its identity, its services, and its spirit in such a stunningly small and ordinary image. It’s compelling to see a brand promote so much in such little space — and this logo design excels as a result.

Combining a bold wordmark and a creative icon, this logo is responsive and clean — able to live on the app, online and on a variety of collateral like helmets, bags and more. It’s an image that is instantly recognizable and fun.

The black and white color scheme gives the design a robust and authentic vibe. It looks like a brand that knows what it’s doing because this strong and bold color palette gives it authority and trustworthiness.

Similarly, the cleanliness of the logo draws you in and shows you that this is a modern brand that understands its industry and its audience. It’s based in metropolitan areas, so it knows that its consumers are likely younger, and more modern.

And the way this flying cyclist zooms into the air really gives viewers a peek into what the brand is all about — delivering food. Match that with the stars used as a rating system and you’ve got an image that captures a brand in its entirety in a modern, sophisticated and minimal way.

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