Bhue Beauty Sleek Packaging Design

BHue commissioned Blue Fountain Media to develop a brand identity solution for their range of foundations, lip glosses, and eyeliners. They created a sleek logotype and packaging design that competes with other high-quality cosmetic brands.


Bhue Beauty Great Packaging Design

This sophisticated and stylish packaging concept has many possibilities for dynamic development in the future. The main element of the identity is the letter "U," which could represent a unique consumer.

Bhue Beauty Packaging Design

Also, the "B" encased in a circle could be used in many different ways, and serves as a recurring graphic element throughout the identity. The brand's visual identity is tactile, timeless, and trustworthy. It's limited use of colors -- mainly black and white -- creates an elegant and modern look.

Bhue Beauty is a gorgeous packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.