Biggans Böcklingpastej Fun Package Design

Biggans is a small family-owned company that has been serving their culinary delicacies to the Swedes since 1952. One of their specialties — Böcklingpastej — is a fish paste made of smoked herring.

Biggans Böcklingpastej Clean Package Design

This creative approach really hinges on the quality of the illustration and its implementation. The fish across the tube, the fishing vessel, and waves across the box are handled well, with a pleasant balance between line work and negative space.

Biggans Böcklingpastej Illustrated Package Design

There's a sense of motion in the rendering of the waves, with a clear hand-drawn aesthetic that expresses a familiar but compelling sense of craft.

Biggans Böcklingpastej Great Package Design

The final application on the box is broken up into panels, introducing a visual texture and variation whilst still embracing a sense of Scandinavian artistry.

Biggans Böcklingpastej Package Design

Overall, this packaging is unique and captures the essence of Swedish cuisine while appealing to customers everywhere. 

Biggans Böcklingpastej is an illustrated package design in the Food & Beverage industry.