Bon Elegant Packaging Design

BON is a unique soap created by Korean company Vella Cosmetics. The soap is not like other soaps. For years, we have used bland square soaps that simply perform a task: Kill germs and keep us clean.

This soap, however, has a special quality. It provides a massaging feature that helps with swelling. The soap is handmade with Gwalsa, a beauty technique perfected by the imperial house of China for over 5,000 years. The soap cleanses the skin and also improves facial swelling through the massaging and stimulation of blood points in the face and neck.

Bon Clean Packaging Design

The product packaging is modern and sophisticated. The symbols and text are symmetrical and crisp. The brown box allows for the BON soap symbol, which is a glossy metallic color, to pop out from the background.

The word “BON” also visibly stands out with capital lettering and black color.

The name BON alludes to a foundation placed between the harmony of tradition and the present moment. But it also related to "bone" -- a tool for the Gwalsa technique, which merges luxury beauty products that combine handmade and modern elements.

Bon Sophisticated Packaging Design

The BON soap has a unique design and handle. The ivory color is seen next to traditional Chinese massaging stones and other therapeutic tools on a wooden table and with white flowers.

Bon Packaging Design

The BON soap bar sits peacefully among therapy towels, a candle and green leaves below a wooden hand brush. The soap exhibits a harmonious balance between nature and the purpose of its creation: Massage therapy.

BON is a sophisticated packaging design in the Medical & Pharmacy industry.