Love Wellness Simple Packaging Design

Love Wellness is a health and hygiene company bringing natural and doctor-recommended products to women. The company provides meaningful wellness solutions to those who don’t want chemical-based products, without the hassle of endless prescriptions.

As a brand, Love Wellness wants to distance itself from companies who value their bottom line over the health of consumers. The company’s packaging does a good job of reflecting these ideals, representing the brand identity and providing mature-looking wellness products for their consumers.

Love Wellness Clean Packaging Design

The company’s logo is the word ‘Love’, with each letter of the word in one corner of a square. The word ‘Wellness’ is printed beneath the box. The logo is neat, and represents the ease of procuring Love Wellness products.

The boxes of Love Wellness pills and supplements look like regular over-the-counter cylindrical containers, but what makes them unique is that they are packaged simplistically with a tidy layout, enhancing the packaging design. The name of the product is printed in a readable, well-spaced lower-case font, followed by information about the pills in a smaller-sized text. Each product also has a differently colored label, making the packaging visually very attractive. The colors are all bright, eye-catching, and distinct, in different shades of blue, green, and orange, indicative of the fact that these products are natural.

Love Wellness Packaging Design

The packaging of Love Wellness products is informative yet appealing. Care has been taken to ensure that the text does not take over the entire design, keeping it minimal and clean, yet engaging.

The simplistic design represents the brand identity of the company, evoking a sense of health, convenience, and high quality. The packaging aims to demarcate Love Wellness as a brand that is superior to its competitors by using great color combinations, an aesthetically appealing design, and a logo that is memorable. Overall, Love Wellness’s packaging is a great example of branding done right and stands out as unique.

Love Wellness is a clean packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail and Medical & Pharmacy industries.