Help Remedies Paper Pack Stunning Packaging Design

Phillip Fivel Nessen is the individual responsible for the redesign of Help Remedies' packaging. Their previous packaging was difficult to handle in terms of distribution and, well.. Help needed some urgent help, which he delivered in the form of useful and colorful packaging design. 


Help Remedies Paper Pack Clean Packaging Design

Phillip collaborated with Help's product engineer to create a "new all-paper pack that kept the feel of the original pack but could be displayed neatly on pegs," with a more modern and simplistic design.


Help Remedies Paper Pack Beautiful Packaging Design

Different colors distinguish the different ailments each pills treat while looking fresh and clean -- not what users expect from a medicinal product. The icons were kept simple: Overlapping pill shapes.

Help Remedies Paper Pack Packaging Design

Users can also see that it's easy to stack and pack these pills inside drawers or on shelves, which was a former problem. Unfortunately, the brand was sold soon after this redesign and the new packaging never saw the light of day. But we're left with a good case study to examine. 

Help Remedies Paper Pack is a beautiful packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail and Medical & Pharmacy industries.