Commonwealth Brewing Company Beer Can Purple

Commonwealth Brewing Company’s Colorful Beer Packaging Design Brings The Fun To Your Door

Drinking beer just got even more fun thanks to this creative and eye-catching beer package design. Commonwealth Brewing Company enlisted the help of Thirst Craft — a design agency that focuses solely on alcohol packaging.

And the marriage was a success! Thirst Craft was able to create a line of beer can packaging that took Commonwealth Brewing Company’s fun and tasty beer from satisfactory to sensational.

Looking at these vibrant cans, you’re instantly intrigued. Whether you’re an avid beer drinker or not, you’re immediately interested in what’s inside because of the funky designs, bright colors and few words.

There’s a sense of mystery and wonder that surrounds this beer packaging, and it instills within you a strong curiosity to uncover and learn more.

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Commonwealth Brewing Company Beer Cans

Colorful Commonwealth Brewing Company Packaging Design Emphasizes Excitement

At first glance, these creative and unique beer cans stand out — there’s no denying the power that color has on the human eye.

This beer packaging comes in a range of colors — they don’t just stick with one that can easily be overlooked when stacked on shelves full of dozens of other brands and craft brews. Instead, they shake up the design depending on the beer inside

Their pale ale is purple, their tropical IPA is green, their Belgian lager is a mix of yellow and orange and their chocolate stout is a mix of reds and yellows. These designs utilize color in a highly impactful way to stand out from the crowd and entice beer drinkers to get a closer look.

But it’s not just the colors themselves, all of which are a bright matte color taking over the entire can. It’s the designs that these colors create — abstract curves and lines and shapes — that's also influential.

They seem to represent the world around us — creating images of the night sky dotted with stars and galaxies, floating water bubbles, mountain ranges, rushing water and flowing lava. This vivid imagery is enticing and alluring. There’s a subtle mystery to it — we don’t quite understand the wonders of the world, but we’re intrigued by them.

There’s a subtlety to these designs — they aren’t straightforward or obvious. The colors don’t quite make sense, and the designs don’t quite match up to what we expect them to — these cans are like ink blots, you see what you want to see — but you know you want to see more.

These designs are crisp, clean and engaging. They add a personality to the beers that make them more approachable and fun.

Emphasizing color gradients, which has been a growing design trend this year, this packaging is on point with what's hot in the world of design today. In packaging design, print design and even web design, the fading and moving color trends add depth to a design that immediately pulls users in and gets them engaged.

Commonwealth Brewing Company Beer Cans Purple

Commonwealth Brewing Company’s Beer Packaging Design Minimizes Typography and Maximizes Mystery

Not only did the designers at Thirst Craft have some fun with colors, but they also had fun with typography — not because they used silly font or played with size — but because they kept the copy to such a minimum. This surely adds to the mystery these beer cans give off.

At the very top of these cans, you have the name of the brewery — Commonwealth Brewing Company — in tiny, white font. It’s unassuming and you could easily miss it if you didn’t know to look.

At the center, you have the company logo which is a simple mashup of shapes made up of thin, white lines.

The logo consists of a tall beer glass that sits at the center — which is filled with beer, of course. Surrounding that is a white circle, and holding it all together is a simple square. This clean, simple and minimalistic logo sits at the center of the can, but even this design is small in comparison.

Below this, at the bottom of the can is the name of the beer and the alcohol content, written in the same tiny white font as the brewery name.

It’s simple, elegant and refined.  The copy knows its place and it knows its purpose. It’s not meant to be the star of the show or take center stage.

But it does still pack a punch — and that’s because the creatives at Commonwealth Brewing Company had some fun when naming these beers.

Names include Wapatoolie, Big Papi, Marvolo, Papi Chulo and more. First and foremost, they wanted the beer drinking process to be fun. And by focusing more on vivid imagery and exciting colors, and less on text, they succeeded.

Commonwealth Brewing Company Beer Cans Blue

Commonwealth Brewing Company Packaging Uses Stunning Imagery And Minimal Typography To Focus On The Product

Commonwealth Brewing Company wanted to make a statement with their beer packaging design, so the creatives at Thirst Craft helped by creating a packaging design that stood out from the crowd and filled consumers with a sense of curiosity and excitement.

The intriguing color gradients and compelling imagery work to capture your attention while you’re perusing through the store. And they are exciting enough to make you stop and get a closer look.

When you do, the minimal copy gives you all the information you need in a concise and clear way — and the names certainly make you chuckle.

This beer packaging design is enigmatic, enchanting and eye-catching. Even if you don’t drink beer, you’ll want to give these a try.

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