Crest Re-Branding Fun Packaging Design

The new look for Crest is a much more modern appearance. By using clean design and beautiful curves, the new Crest packaging looks more like something you would see from Apple if they made oral health products.

Crest Re-Branding Amazing Packaging Design

The white and mint-green color combination makes the design feel very modern and minimal. The mint-green shade has a very medical sort of feel to it. Typography is a simple, sans serif font. The design may be modern, but the product still exudes an obvious feeling of health and oral care.

Crest Re-Branding Packaging Design

The packaging has been redesigned to look more current and to change the way we use oral health products. The mouthwash bottle looks more like a contemporary water bottle that you would take to the gym. This new Crest design is more practical and convenient than the existing mouthwash container we have in our bathrooms right now.

Reinventing your brand in the healthcare field can be difficult. Companies need to maintain their professional appeal, while also keeping up with the latest trends. The Crest rebrand makes the company look stylish and and forward-thinking. Their products have a clean appearance; they will look great sitting on the bathroom counter while they wait to do their job—keep your teeth clean.

Crest Re-Branding is an amazing packaging design in the Medical & Pharmacy industry.