Borealica Stunning Packaging Design

Borealica. Even the name sounds ravishing.

Borealica specializes in cryotherapy. Cryotherapy utilizes extremely low temperatures bordering on freezing to reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and pain, and increase cellular regeneration and relaxation of the muscles. Cryotherapy is utilized by high performance athletes to eliminate lactic acid and recover faster.

Patients sit inside specialized cryogenic chambers for a maximum of three minutes (to avoid becoming human ice blocks). The process has been described as astonishing. Stress, insomnia, and joint pain, all become manageable and eliminated.

Anagrama tackled the packaging design for Borealica. Their inspiration culminated from earth’s most frigid environments, the North and South Poles.

Borealica Minimal Logo Design

The Borealica monogram has a frosty color palette of grey, white, and an awesome holographic foil. It looks as if it was carved out of an icy glacier and serves as a symbol for temperature.

The raised “o” letter provides a sense of cool, pun intended.

Borealica Simple Packaging Design

Icy blues and greens provide business cards and literature with a sub-arctic vibe. One can imagine the healing effect of Borealica treatment by simply touching the cards. That is powerful design at work.

Borealica Minimal Packaging Design

The brand is indistinguishable. The color palette and holographic foil is iconic. Health, technology, and hygiene are all values of Borealica’s customers and the company itself.

Borealica Packaging Design

The “Bo” lettering styles bags and lotion products with ease. Delivering a sub-zero sensation that only Borealica can provide. The use of these elements is executed flawlessly.

This combination of characteristics looks like a company from a futuristic movie where miracle technologies provide miracle cures to end human suffering and begin peace on Earth.

Cryotherapy clinics exist abroad. Across America and throughout the world.

What Anagrama did was change the entire message and association that customers have when they hear about cryotherapy.

The question would previously be “What is cryotherapy?”

The statement in its place is now “Borealica is Cryotherapy.”

An icon is born.

Borealica is a minimal packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty, Medical & Pharmacy and Sports & Leisure industries.