This Toothbrush - The Cutter Case (slide 1)

Attention! Everyone who bought a Sonicare just because Drake owns one: there’s a new toothbrush on the market that’s ready to steal your heart. This Toothbrush, by Leadoff Studio, is changing the oral health game!

This Toothbrush - The Cutter Case (slide 2)

This Toothbrush’s triangular package shape is very unique and unexpected. The designers have made good use of the space, especially considering they had one less surface to work with. One side shows a detailed product photo, while the other two surfaces list specifics about the product—one in Arabic and the other in English. Simplicity is key with this design. A clean, classy, white package is accented with a little bit of color. The use of white perfectly makes sense in this case. If you’re selling an oral health product, you want consumers to immediately think, “clean.” White helps to accomplish that.

This Toothbrush - The Cutter Case (slide 3)

The triangular shape of the packaging lends itself very well to being displayed. The pieces fit together snugly. Having multiple packages stacked on top of each other actually utilizes the shape and color choices on the product packaging, making an attractive array with sharp lines.

This Toothbrush - The Cutter Case (slide 4)

Of course, what’s inside the box is just as important as what’s on the outside. The triangle shape is maintained with an internal sleeve. There is not much documentation, but the booklets follow the predetermined, clean, white design, as well.

The simple packaging, combined with the ancient health care method, brings the past and the present together all in one container. This tried, tested, and true method of oral health care gets a modern upgrade, ready to sit on the shelf next to modern toothbrushes and compete for buyers’ attention.

This Toothbrush - The Cutter Case is an awesome packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty and Medical & Pharmacy industries.