Hillside Coffee Creative PackagingDesign

Design agency Eme Design Studio developed the packaging for Hillside Coffee. The local coffee roasters from Hillside Coffee & Doughnut Co. take their java seriously and strive to make lasting impressions with no holds barred. From business card to packaging, no expense was spared in creating this luxe modern take on art deco design.

Crisp black boxes and cups with gold foil beaming out through ornamental dots and dashes, meticulously placed and hitting every note. The logo, type on circle enclosing a silhouette of the hillside, punctuates every sentence.

Hillside Coffee Clean Packaging Design

The packaging of the coffee can is in a long cylindrical can, with a very attractive brown shade used as the background color. The deep brown is indicative of brown coffee beans, completely on brand with the company’s identity.

The packaging uses a second color in its palette: a bronze-golden shade that provides an excellent contrast to the brown can. This gold foil ensures that attention does not detract away from the packaging, and that the can stands out as unique. The gold is used to print the company logo, as well as an attractive design indicative of the effect of caffeine, and the flavor name printed at the bottom enclosed in a round shape.

Hillside Coffee Packaging Design

The packaging of the Hillside Coffee beans uses the same color palette, but is a rectangular container and is heavier on the gold shade, creating a wonderful hue. It is eye-catching and very visually appealing, evocative of good quality beans and a great coffee-drinking experience. The pattern used on this box is different, but similarly uses simple shapes and is reflective of the brand identity.

Overall, Hillside Coffee’s packaging design offers a unique experience, focusing heavily on creating an attractive, visually appealing, and very aesthetic experience. The design is well-balanced and creatively executed, and great care has been taken to ensure that it has audience appeal.

Hillside Coffee is a creative packaging design in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industries.