Kikkerland Zipper Mason Jar Refreshing Packaging Design

Traditional mason jars present a multitude of problems. They are heavy, hard to fit in dishwashers, and tend to leak. They also take up too much space. Kikkerland Design Inc. is a company that searches for ingenious items that combine form and function to make life easier.

Here we have an absolutely awesome take on the traditional mason jar. 

This is a Zipper bag mason jar. It looks like the jar, and even stands upright when you place products into it. The middle of the jar is a see-through square and the outside looks like the
mason jars we have known for years.

They come in sets of four and are completely dishwasher safe, leak-proof, and durable. Zipper bag mason jars are reusable as well. The clever zip closed design seals as good as a mason jar does. 

Kikkerland Zipper Mason Jar Packaging Design

Great packaging design combines form and function to make life easier and make our lives happier. Problems become things of the past. In this case, traditional mason jars took too much space.

Kikkerland offers a product that still retains the original jar look, and pays respect to the function and form that mason jars have provided for decades. However, this innovative design is sure to provide far greater benefits.

We have a design that eliminates four pain points of traditional jars: not being dishwasher safe, durable, leak proof, or reusable. Utilizing the original image of the traditional mason jar and combining a zip lock and see through square is ingenious.

Different sized bags can fit any contents that your existing mason jars store. And talk about retaining and improving upon form—these bags actually stand! 

This is an astounding example of how we can envision and improve and innovate existing products by taking form and function in package design and elevating it to an entirely new level.

Kikkerland Zipper Mason Jar is a refreshing packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.