Macareux Pasta (slide 1)

Macareux Pasta is a high-end pasta with packaging that sets the brand apart from other pasta brands on store shelves. Macareux is the French name for an Atlantic Puffin which inspired the logo for Macareux Pasta. Luminous Design Group created this stunning, minimalist package design for the brand.

The stylized logo is prominent and a clear window is created within the logo to show off the pasta. After all, if a company is trying to sell high value pasta, consumers should be able to see the product before they spend extra money on this brand over the competitors. That pasta window serves as one of the main focal points in the packaging. This tells us, subconsciously, that even though a lot of work has gone into this packaging design: the focus is still on the product itself.

Macareux Pasta (slide 2)

Bold colors accent the otherwise very clean, minimalist white and black packaging. This is the second focal point that attempts to catch the eye of consumers. Basic information is displayed within the bold colors but the designers were careful not to overwhelm people with information. One the side of the packaging, there is a large black shape that shows the pasta and some more nutritional information. This is a very clever design as it accounts for both ways a store may choose to display the product. There are two sides that are both equally deserving of being the side displayed to consumers as they walk down the grocery aisle.

Macareux Pasta (slide 3)

Everything about this packaging design screams that this is a brand which is a level above the rest. Hold this next to a simple, clear bag of pasta and your brain will immediately decide which one tastes better without any other information. The design is fun but still gives a sense of luxury. Macareux Pasta can be confident that their packaging will not be ignored on the shelves next to competing brands with this beautiful design.

Macareux Pasta is a best package design in the Food & Beverage industry.