Made Coffee Playful Package Design

People outside of design fail to recognize the importance of typography. You can witness it throughout your daily journey in life. You have seen the generic business names with generic business logos.

Al’s automotive. Fresh Cutz barbershop. Ultimate Photography. These bland stores have bland designs followed by typography that pains the gods of design.

You can see this perilous typography on generic food products. From the no-name grape soda brand in a Dollar General store to the generic bag of chips so cheap you question if the price is a typo or not.

The font on your packaging design can transform the product presence into a dragon that breathes fire or subdue the product presence into an ant so small the naked eye cannot see it nor care for its existence.

Typography is wicked. Typography is sovereign. It is unruly.

When wielded in your hand typography is a tool more powerful than you can fathom.

The majority of your package design consists of content. The art of displaying this content is executed through typography.

Made Coffee Retro Packaging Design

The following playful package design was created by Kenny Coil for Made Coffee. Kenny wields the tool of typography with mastery. He worked on this project via Hype Group, an agency based out of St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Made Coffee Packaging Design

The packaging design marries gorgeous typography with intricate and beautiful illustrations. The word “MADE” is in capital lettering with a white line striking through the heart of each letter.

The style of font looks like it was meticulously crafted like the meticulous coffee making process depicted in the illustrations. The lines of the font match the lines of the drawings. The cursive “Nitro Brew” adds a whiff of wisdom as if this coffee making process existed for hundreds of years before melting into modern coffee making evolution.

The letters are prominent. The best packaging designs command attention. We have to pull the consumer in. Give them a reason to pick the product up. They are like a character entering an enchanted forest in the universe of Avatar. Would the character be more likely to pick up a flower with a pulsating luminescent glow that lights up the forest floor, or a cold and plain brown tree stem?

The best package designs feature typography that is easy to read. Reader-friendly. Fonts that are clean like the one Kenny chose will not be ignored and, in fact, build that recognition of the brand.

What will the customer remember most? The product packaging. The way the brand commanded the craft of typography to delight their eyes before opening a portal into coffee heaven. The effort placed into the beautiful aesthetic of font that is worthy of their favorite product.

Typography communicates the importance of a product through information hierarchy. Different font sizes and types of font allow the audience to deduce the most important features of a product.

The flavor. The size. What makes the product unique from others. Why should they bother wasting precious time picking up your product? Do not tell them. Show them by wielding the power of typeface like Kenny Coil.

Made Coffee is a playful package design in the Food & Beverage industry.

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