Moo Yogurt Great Packaging Design

Who says yogurt has to be boring? Moo Yogurt incorporates bright colors, a fun design, and unique illustrations makes to stand out in the dairy aisle against its competition.

Moo Yogurt Fun Packaging Design

The contrasting combination of black and white with a unique, accenting color makes Moo Yogurt look very clean and fun. The typeface that smells out “Moo” is original, to say the least. The middle “O” is a bright color, which mimics the color of the lid. Each different shade relates to a different flavor. The illustrations also help customers determine the differences between each varied product.

Moo Yogurt Packaging Design

Not only does this design look clean and fun, but it also serves a practical purpose. The bold, bright colors help consumers recognize which flavor they’re observing before they even read the label. These yogurt cups show that a small splash of color can have an amazing effect. Your eye is immediately drawn to the containers, and the colorful circles tell you exactly where to focus your attention. The planning that went into creating these cups was about much more than creating something nice to look at.

Moo Yogurt is a fun packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.