Abeeja Honey Fun Packaging Design

Abeeja, a honey brand, is the personal project of a small local honey producer in the Murcia region of Spain. The honey, sourced from orange blossoms in the lemon fields of the area, has slight nuances of lemon. To expand Abeeja’s brand identity, brand designer Andrés Guerrero created a fun and unique packaging concept for Abeeja.

Abeeja Honey Playful Packaging Design

The packaging is in bottles of two sizes, with a black sticker and lid that matches the font color and provides an excellent contrast to the sunny yellow label. The golden-orange tint of the honey contained within the bottles, combined with the yellow and black of the label, provides a very aesthetic color palette. The bottles stand out already, but the most creative aspect of the packaging are the perforated wings on the yellow label.

Abeeja Honey Bright Packaging Design

Located on the back side of the bottle’s packaging, the tear-out wings give the bottle a resemblance to bees. These wings contain information about the honey, like ingredients, origin, and weight, in small but attractive font.

The wings also indicate flying, representative of the process of the creation of honey. They open up on either side of the bottle, making the design seamless and uniform. This innovative feature makes Abeeja stand out, and gives it character, while still being rooted in its brand identity.


Abeeja Honey Simple Packaging Design

The logo is bright and fun: The background is bright yellow, symbolizing the citrus elements of the honey, as well as the color of honeybees. The black font is lower-case and well-spaced, giving it a quirky effect.

Abeeja Honey Packaging Design

Andrés Guerrero has taken care to brand Abeeja as a different and fun honey brand, providing scope for growth. The label overall is very visually appealing, and not chaotic or overloaded with information at all. It sends the message that Abeeja is a fun and unique brand of honey, that stands out from other brands. It engages with the consumer, and is playful and interactive.

Abeeja Honey is a playful packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.