Mr. Pip’s Double Cross (slide 1)

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross design is a new twist on a classic dice game to make the activity not just a fun, but also a part of home decor. Whether sitting on the store shelves or on your shelf at home, this design will catch your eye and become a natural conversation piece.

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross (slide 2)

The packaging for shipment and display on store shelves matches the shape of the packaging inside. This allows the boxes to be attractively stacked, which not only looks great but also saves space. Rubber bands hold the packaging closed, producing an entirely unique layout technique. Most of all, the design allows the original shape to be the main talking point. The rest of the packaging is very clean and simple.

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross (slide 3)

Once unpacked, the product case can still be stacked in an eye-catching way. The sleek black and white cases contrast with each other, and they also allow the cases to match almost any home decor style. A bright pink case, for example, would not as easily fit into any home or style choice.

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross (slide 4)

Is there any better decor than the kind you can grab off the shelf, open up, and turn into a game? Mr. Pip’s Double Cross features practical packaging that serves more than one purpose. It can sit silently in the room, adding to the decor setup. Or, it can come off the shelf and become the life of the party.

Mr. Pip's Double Cross is a creative packaging design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.