Newmarket Gin Clean Packaging Design

For a classic, small batch gin, not just any design will do. The designers at Nude Brand Creation developed a bottle design that pays homage to the history of horse racing at Newmarket. At the same time, it also presents an appealing packaging that people will want to show off in their liquor cabinets.

Newmarket Gin Vintage Packaging Design

Every detail in their design has been carefully thought out. Let’s begin with the bottle itself. A frosted glass is highlighted with two horses racing. The image sits inside a clear portion of glass that is meant to simulate looking through binoculars — how racing fans watch events at Newmarket.

On the neck of the bottle is a saddle leather that stands out clearly against the clean, frosted-white bottle. Leather immediately exudes a feeling of luxury. You find leather in the top trims of vehicles, in high-end clothes, and, apparently, on top-quality liquor bottles.

Newmarket Gin Packaging Design

The white label provides some of the important details about the brand. The signature of the distiller and the number of each bottle is listed in a red font. Since this is a small batch release, each bottle is significant; the red numbers ensure that consumers recognize that fact.

From the lid to the very base of the bottle, everything in this design is perfect: saddle leather, spectators binoculars, and even a label that looks like an old racing ticket. The designers pulled out every stop. If this gin tastes half as good as it looks, then Newmarket Gin will surely get people talking.

Newmarket Gin is an outstanding packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.