Kimi Burger Package Design

Kimi Burger Packaging Design Shows How To Make A Statement Using Vibrant And Contrasting Color Palette

Kimi Burger is a Mexican chain of fast-food restaurants whose packaging design is the work of Wokenlab creative agency. The company has researched, devised and implemented the brand’s entire visual identity. It was applied on the French fry trays, soda or juice cups with lids — and of course, the burger boxes while minding overall consistency and messaging.

The most impactful aspect of Kimi Burger packaging design is its color palette that goes against the grain and the accepted standards of the fast-food industry. All-green and all-black packaging are utterly refreshing for the eyes besides being radically different from what the competitors are doing.

The green brand color has black and white fonts contrasting it to a stunning effect. Likewise, the black packaging has green and white fonts for consistent contrasts and on-brand use of visuals.

Adding more panache to the packaging are white squiggly lines, custom cartoony illustrations of burgers and the brand’s logo. They complete the packaging that is visually impactful but never overbearing.

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Kimi Burger Package

The Edgy And Angular Silhouettes Prove That Sturdy Packaging Comes Down To The Details

There is only so much a package designer can do when it comes to altering the actual shape of standardized items like burger boxes. However, the team from Wokenlab somehow found a way to introduce new ideas and fresh takes in this regard.

The familiar lines are there but given small twists on certain nooks and crannies to contribute to the sturdiness of the package. The added elements are much more than just for show – they ensure that the food is safe from possible spillage.

Kimi Burger packaging design is, therefore, as functional as it is visually attractive. A similar approach is applied on fry trays where a redesign of side edges ensures the consumer can reach every last piece with ease.

Kimi Burger Package Design by Wokenlab

Kimi Burger Shows How Typography Can Add More Character To An Already Quirky Packaging Design

The typography is another stalwart of any brand book, enforcing consistent and uniform use of visual elements across any medium or platform – including food packaging.

With very little space for trying out different things, the creative agency successfully implemented the use of existing brand fonts in the packaging.

The actual logo uses two fonts: one for the word “Kimi,” which is friskier and more offbeat and a rounded one for the word “burger.”

The only other textual element on the packaging is the slogan “Come chido” which comes in the same sans serif font as the word “burger.” The font colors are a combination of two hues that contrast the packaging.

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Kimi Burger Packaging Design

The Burger Wrappers Inside The Kimi Burger Packaging Design Are Not An Afterthought

The attention to detail on the Kimi Burger packaging design is staggering. For most packaging design agencies, the burger wrapper would be nothing more than an afterthought. But for Wokenlab, it is an important consideration that contributes to the holistic nature of the design.

The burger wrappers feature a small, subtle print of the brand’s logo all over. The wrappers use the identical color as the main packaging, but the combo is not always what you’d expect: the green packaging can come with a green, black or white wrapper — there is no contrasting color rule this time around.

The materials used in this packaging are lightweight, biodegradable and eco-friendly: possibly another way in which one can interpret the Kimi Burger design packaging as a visual “greenery.”

Kimi Burger Packaging Design by Woken Lab

Kimi Burger Packaging Design Demonstrates How A Few Different Design Elements Can Refresh An Otherwise Familiar Food And Beverage Product

All the main facets of Kimi Burger’s branding are incorporated within this packaging design, making it one of the most distinctive and on-brand packaging in the food and beverage industry.

From the distinct colors to the carefully designed boxes, Kimi Burger packaging design breaks away from tradition and introduces the fast-food industry into the fast-paced realms of the XXI century.

The client’s goal when approaching Wokenlab was to make the packaging accessible to the entire audience of consumers, regardless of their age, sex or educational status.

The end product was functional, aesthetically different, universally appealing yet distinctly branded packaging. Thanks to its memorable colors, legible fonts and unique illustrations, Kimi Burger packaging will work as a standalone marketing platform on its own – and the consumers eating from it will be its medium.

With all said in mind, it’s no wonder we picked Kimi Burger packaging design to be our winner of the Best Packaging Design Award this November 2021!

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