PIKPÄK (slide 1)

Usually when someone wears their drink, it means they’ve spilled it on themselves. With PIKPÄK, wearing your drink is the intended purpose! Designed for festival goers, PIKPÄK is meant to enhance the conveniency of keeping your beverage with you while you dance.

PIKPÄK (slide 2)

The design of the PIKPÄK is intended to be very minimalistic. The designer, Magdalena Huber, wanted the packaging to work with any outfit that both men and women would wear. This smart design allows the PIKPÄK to appeal to a wide range of people, without having to create a variety of different designs.

PIKPÄK (slide 3)

The PIKPÄK is modelled after a small rucksack that you would take to the gym or on a hike. It is meant to be small and comfortable, so you can wear it for an entire day at a music festival. There is not much to the design beyond that. The logo and name are clearly displayed in a small black diamond that stands out against the white carton.

The PIKPÄK will certainly draw attention from fellow festival goers, and the clean, minimalist design should make it fit in with any outfit. You style won’t be compromised by staying hydrated. Wearing your drink has never looked so good.

PIKPÄK is a creative packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.