T2 Tea Mini Fruits Playful Packaging Design

When was the last time you felt like you could taste a product simply by looking at the packaging? T2 Tea Mini Fruits is designed to match the flavor of the tea inside and capture the eye of shoppers.

T2 Tea Mini Fruits Fun Packaging Design

Each variety has a unique box design that doesn’t use glue to hold it together. The logo is placed on a graphic that resembles a fruit sticker you might see at the market. This bright, colorful packaging is not only eye-catching, but it also makes it incredibly easy for shoppers to differentiate between varieties.

T2 Tea Mini Fruits Creative Packaging Design

The typography on the packaging is kept to a minimum. On one side, you can find a bold, white text displaying the variety of tea, as well as some smaller text with more details. It’s clear that T2’s design is meant to capture your eye with shape and color instead of with text.

T2 Tea Mini Fruits Packaging Design

Using colors and shapes to create a packaging design that shows off the flavor is a unique idea that certainly differentiates T2 Tea from any other brand. Other tea brands use bland canisters or boxes, while T2 makes you want to grab their packaging, wash it, and take a big bite. The design is clever, but uncomplicated—a perfect combination to capture the eye of shoppers as they look for a tea that will tickle their tastebuds.

T2 Tea Mini Fruits is a creative packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.