Wild Island Gin Packaging Design Bottle And Glass

Wild Island Gin’s Colorful Packaging Design Draws Inspiration From The Deep Blue Sea

Wild Island Gin is a botanical gin distillery located on a Scottish Isle — the Isle of Colonsay. They use island influences and botanicals to create a gin that embodies the spirit and character of their home on the sea.

In 2017, the distillery won the Gold Medal in the contemporary gin class at the International Wines and Spirits Convention. This win further solidified the brand’s consistency, dedication, and excellence in creating exceptional gin with island elements.

The brand began working on their second Autumnal edition gin and turned to creative agency Thirst Craft to help them create a package design that was as compelling and imaginative as the gin itself. Thirst Craft is an agency known for creating superb packaging designs for alcohol products ranging from beer to vodka and everything in between.

The latest addition to the Wild Island Gin roster is called Sacred Tree.

According to the gin makers, this Gin is a testament to Scottish heritage and culture:

Wild Island ‘Sacred Tree’ Gin uses an array of carefully selected Autumn fruits, including brambles hand gathered on the island, added to a composition totalling 22 individual botanicals to create an incredibly complex, ripe fruit, spicy-sweet contemporary London Dry style gin. The ancient Scots observed a ‘sacred tree’ calendar of which the bramble vine was one representing the month of September. It was during the month of September that the fruits were gathered and it is the bramble to which the distillers are giving prominence due to its predominant character.

Using botanicals like bramble, redcurrants, rosehip, elderberries, rowan berries and crab apple, this sinfully delicious gin makes use of local flavors to create a gin that packs a mighty punch — so their packaging needed to match that vivacious spirit.

The result was a package design with aquatic design elements and subtle simplicity that added excellence to an already delicious gin.

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Wild Island Gin Packaging Design Open Bottle

The Wild Island Gin Packaging Design Uses Bright Hues And Soft Shapes To Stand Out

The glass packaging that holds this floral and fruity spirit leaves little to the imagination, with no excessive label or design taking up space and taking away from the clear liquid that hides within the glass bottle.

Soft, rounded and clean, this glass bottle stands as the star of the show. It’s neither wrapped in any paper or packaged in a box. It sits on the counter like its own work of art.

Bright colors make up the bottom half of this bottle — an array of watercolors that float and flirt around the bottle like an abstract painting. Blues, reds, and oranges collide in a seemingly unorganized way. These colors are soft and inviting. They’re fun and personal. They embody the colors of the botanicals that go into this special edition booze.

But they also create subtle shapes that lend themselves to an aquatic vibe. The blue flits across the bottle in the shape of a swimming dolphin. The reds and oranges sit like coral and other aquatic plants.

These abstract watercolors are subdued and up to interpretation, but they definitely harken to the brand’s home Isle. These vivid colors and smooth, soft shapes add depth and personality to this package design that brings an aquatic element to the entire product.

Wild Island Gin Packaging Design Bottle Pour

The Wild Island Gin Packaging Design Emphasizes Simplicity And Subtlety In Its Typography

Simplicity reigns supreme in this gin packaging. A glass bottle makes up the vessel containing the spirit, and there’s very little getting in the way or cluttering the surface. The clear gin is easily visible and welcome.

Watercolors line the bottom of the bottle, but even these colors are relaxing and smooth. They aren’t overwhelming or chaotic. And the typography matches this clean simplicity.

The copy on the front of this bottle is aligned to the left in a strong and thin sans-serif font. The name of the distillery sits at the top of the bottle, written with nearly one word per line in a very structured way.

This edition of gin is written on the colorful splotches in a white copy. This too is aligned left and the words are stacked on top of each other. These are outlined by two horizontal white lines — one above and one beneath.

Additional copy lines the back of the bottle in a tiny black font. But this doesn’t distract or take away from the overall design. This information adds a history and heritage to the gin, giving drinkers a peek at the inspiration behind the spirit.

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Wild Island Gin Packaging Design Bottle

Wild Island Gin's Clean Packaging Uses Watercolors And Simple Typeface To Give Off Ocean Vibes

Wild Island Gin cares about its history. It cares about its environment. It cares about gin. And you can see their passion and dedication not only in their liquor but in the packaging that holds it.

These packages are simple, elegant and clean. There are an excitement and abstract quality to them that calls back to their coastal roots, and minimalism and modernity to them in their typewriter typeface and stacked typography.

A clean design in alcohol packaging lets the product itself show its strength, and this gin packaging certainly can hold its own.