ZAZ Chocopops package design

ZAZ Chocopops Packaging Design Accomplishes The Goal Of Standing Out

Breaking into a saturated market such as the snack industry is a challenge that not every brand can take on, but ZAZ Chocopops took a swing and it turned out to be a hit. 

The brand is the latest offering by Domani Food SA — an up-and-coming Swiss snack manufacturer that's getting a lot of attention, thanks to its dedication to healthier snack options and the award-winning ZAZ Chocopops Packaging Design. 

Although they just started a path of their own, the founders of Domani Food are no strangers to the industry.  

Their decades of valuable market insight and love for good food led them to a product that consumers wanted but the market ultimately lacked: a chocolate snack that would satisfy people’s sweet cravings without guilt.  

That’s when ZAZ Chocopops was born — a variety of “air-popped corn covered in plant-based, less sweet caramel, and a Swiss chocolate layer with added premium nut pieces. 

Together with Slice Design, a creative, branding and packaging design agency based in London, UK, they came up with something that would attract attention and make consumers feel like they could snack without feeling guilty for interrupting a healthy routine. 

Um, yes please! 

ZAZ Chocopops’ Packaging Positions The Brand As Royalty In Organic Snacks

Terms like “organic, non-GMO, local” and “ethical” are not simply buzzwords for ZAZ Chocopops. The brand takes pride in its carefully sourced ingredients from high-quality local farming.  

This credo inspired them to position the brand as the King of Ingredients 

The use of design elements that connote royalty helped establish the branding further, not just in the food they produce, but also in the packaging design that makes them distinguishable in the market.  

And as far as organic goes, the brand believes in ingredients that customers are familiar with and of course, those that they can pronounce ― a value that’s also represented in the ZAZ Chocopops’ packaging design. 

ZAZ Chocopops may be a different kind of snack, but they use a language that is familiar to the target market. 

ZAZ Chocopops Flavor Variants

Bold And Vibrant Colors Define A New Style Of Premium Packaging Design

Premium designs are more or less about the whole experience — a difference between metal and carton, plastic or glass, among other things. But when it comes to design, premium often means minimalist or muted.  

However, ZAZ Chocopops is different. They are not your regular popcorn and certainly not your typical premium packaging.  

Taking inspiration from their regal branding, Domini Foods, with the help of Slice Design, made use of colors that are commonly seen as royal – red, purple and gold.  

They opted for more vibrant colors, large product cameos and bold iconography to complement the striking red sash and gold foiling that follows the brand positioning. In their bid to create visual interest and enhance shelf impact, packaging designers often make such strategic choices. 

This design exudes appetite, highlights their 100% natural claim and makes them stand out on the shelves ― all while still looking premium.  

The product was rolled out in three flavors and of course, the design followed suit. They assigned numbers to different variants to further highlight the top selection of specially curated ingredients in every pack. 

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Our Judges’ Verdict: Zaz Chocopops Packaging Design Is A Standout In Branding And Food Packaging

New players face double the challenges in making their products stand out on the market. They’re often up against well-known brands and childhood nostalgic favorites that have been around for decades.  

Although ZAZ Chocopops has a bit of an edge as an organic and guilt-free snacking option, the brand needed a packaging design that would get people's attention and effectively highlight their unique offering. 

Working with Slice Design for the product’s packaging may be one of the best decisions the company ever made. Their bold design managed to integrate the branding in a surprisingly elegant manner despite displaying vibrant colors and large images front and center. 

It’s no surprise that our judges crowned this design as a winner in the packaging design category! 

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