Clutch Bodyshop Elegant Packaging Design

Want to become the best version of yourself? Clutch Bodyshop can help you achieve that dream.

Clutch Bodyshop is known for developing fitness and nutrition programs that inspire people to become the best they can be. Additionally, they specialize in creating a wide variety of supplements to support a nutritional lifestyle. With a heavy foundation in studying the best ways to create their product and programs, Socio Design knew they had to develop something to debut the scientific side of Clutch Bodyshop’s process.

By selecting a minimalistic font type, Socio Design created a simple written platform for their packaging design—so as to not draw the attention away from the product itself. A sans serif font is used in a number of sizes, combined with both normal and bold typography. Additionally, the use of the minimalistic font in combination with bold numbers creates a science-like visualization for consumers viewing the products.

On each product’s package, the name of the company is simplified to “Clutch,” and it’s presented in bold against the rest of the writing. To draw further attention to the name, the letter face is sideways on every package. Under or next to each spelling of “Clutch,” the number that coordinates with that product is presented in a much larger font size to stir attention.

Clutch Bodyshop Packaging Design

With the font set in place, Socio Design set out to incorporate it into a pure and distinctive packaging design. The goal was to represent the purity of the product Clutch Bodyshop makes. To do so, the product package relies on a monochromatic color scheme of white, black, and silver.

The silver addition is metallic in nature, adding a sheen to any package it’s featured on. Each package—whether liquid bottle, supplement bottle, or pouch—contains some combination of the three colors, and each product has a distinguishable shine to it. The simple touch of chrome shines when light touches it, and it draws the consumer’s attention to Clutch Bodyshop’s product. It is literally eye-catching!

With a subtle gleam of precious silver, the simple and classic color scheme of black and white, and uniquely bold typography, Clutch Bodyshop ensures that their products are sleek and memorable for every consumer seeking to improve themselves.

Clutch Bodyshop is a sophisticated package design in the Food & Beverage, Professional Services and Sports & Leisure industries.