Festival Vallenato print design by Sonovista Publicidad

Festival Vallenato Print Design Shows How To Make A Dynamic Tri-Color Palette

Festival Vallenato (Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata) is one of the biggest and most important music festivals and cultural events in Colombia. It features contests for the best accordion players and other instruments, as well as competitions in lyrics and best songs. The festival takes place in April of every year.

Sonovista Publicidad agency has produced the Festival Vallenato print design and promotional materials.

Relying on a tricolor palette of red, blue and white, the print deliverables convey an extremely dynamic imagery that denotes the performer’s exaltation, expressiveness and musical craft.

The tricolor’s dynamic shapes convey animated imagery that seems to dance to the tune of the central figure, the accordion player.

By the agency’s own admission, the festival’s print design celebrates the tradition and “exalts talent and culture as undisputed kings.”

This is quite evident in the energetic explosion of colors, the feeling of perpetual movement and the overall feisty atmosphere prevalent on these print design images.

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Festival Vallenato print design

The Festival’s Visuals Resemble Mural And Graffiti-Style Artworks

The festive imagery and colors of Festival Vallenato print design are close to the style and aesthetics of street art such as building murals and graffiti.

Graphic designers from around the world recognize these art forms. These have a long-standing tradition on the Latin American continent and have been a part of the visual aspects of numerous events - from political unrest and uprising to sporting events that have a fanatical fan following in this region of the world.

The familiarity of such style certainly does a lot of favors to Festival Vallenato. It is immediately accessible, recognizable and permeates a sense of cultural closeness to the viewers.

Murals and graffiti also create a sense of togetherness, as art that belongs to everyone – people on the streets, of all classes and of all creeds.

This is exactly what Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata is all about – bringing visitors together for days of musical enjoyment and celebration of life.

Festival Vallenato print

The Festival’s Universal Colors & Imagery Translate Well To Any Medium

The major advantage of this print design’s uniformity of colors and general expression is that it is applicable to almost anything – from posters and T-shirts to beverage cans and flyers.

Badges, mobile phone screensavers, bottle labels, stickers...all of these are valid mediums for Festival Vallenato 2021’s visual identity and Sonovista made a point by demonstrating that. They created specific samples of these goods carrying their design for this event.

The bright, garish colors translate successfully to both digital and offline environments. Fashion apparel benefits from this in particular, as shown on T-shirts sporting a striking look.

The eye-catching colors do not fail to attract the attention of the onlookers and passive consumers as they are encountering the design on the street’s billboards or ads on their phone’s browsers.

Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata print design

The Free-Spirited Typography Adds To The Material’s Joyful Character

Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata print design has two distinctive typographies. One is a handwriting-type script that communicates the festival’s slogan: “Aqui el Talento es Rey y Reina de Cultura” (“Here, the Talent is the King and Queen of Culture.”)

The other is a more legible sans-serif font used for the name and the year of the festival. It is present in a much smaller size than the first one, as it should not distract from the rest of the image but should be clear enough so that the viewers know what it’s about.

Some of the other print design deliverables, such as beverage cans, do showcase another type of font – a bold, “grungy” sans-serif typeface that is a far cry from both mentioned above. It is mostly used on the words “Talento” and “Cultura” to emphasize the festival’s two main value propositions.

Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata print design by Sonovista Publicidad

Festival Vallenato’s Print Design Celebrates The Positive Impact Of Talent & Culture

The elation and rapture are abundant in Festival Vallenato’s print design by Sonovista – which is only appropriate for a music festival.

The marriage of colors and imagery creates an almost synesthetic experience. The visual portion, although static, appears to be moving and emanating sounds from the well-articulated depiction of the musician and instruments.

The agency’s vision of this print design says a thing or two about this:

“[…] where the accordion, the box and the guacharaca seem to dance to the sound of the figure of an accordion player at its highest degree of exaltation and inspiration. All this accompanied by a phrase that exalts talent and culture as undisputed kings.”

For the sheer expression of joy in delivering the message across and the brave use of colors, the 2021 Festival Vallenato print design is a deserving winner of the Best Design Award.

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