Moloko print design book cover

Moloko’s Print Design Takes Readers On A Culinary Journey, As Told By Cheese

Travel not only broadens horizons but also elevates our taste for the good life. And in this case, for the best cheese dishes, too.  

Savushkin Products, in partnership with Moloko, went on a trip to create a solid guide for the ultimate cheese lovers of the world, the Belarusians.  

The team traveled to places where the famous cheeses originated, discovered various food cultures and shared information around their common passion.  

This inspired the international recipes that are beautifully presented by Moloko’s print design. The recipes also use Savushkin’s products, as well as guides and tips for aficionados and sommeliers alike.  

This big project is something that only Savushkin and Moloko were certainly equipped to take on.  

Savushkin is a well-known dairy company in the Republic of Belarus. Its products are the most preferred brands by locals, making them an industry leader for more than 18 years now. 

Moloko, on the other hand, is a young and thriving creative agency also based in Belarus. The company’s designs have been recognized by international award-giving bodies such as Cannes Lions, White Square and now, DesignRush.  

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The Book’s Colors And Fonts Give The Reader A Taste Of Gourmet

Just by looking at the book cover design, readers know that they are in for an exquisite treat. The book not only features the beauty of well-prepared food, but also that of well-curated fonts and colors.  

The beige background provides a clean slate for the design. The shade they used exudes class without saying a word.  

The fonts don’t bring much attention to themselves. You know they mean business, but they don’t discriminate, inviting readers to open the book and see that it only gets more interesting from there. 

The book is divided into different chapters. However, this material refuses to be an ordinary read. Bold and vibrant colors welcome readers in every chapter ― the complete opposite of the book’s unassuming cover.  

Great design thinking always serves a purpose. The lively colors are not only meant to complement the stunning food photography, they also make the book easier to navigate and guide readers into the different parts of the culinary journey.  

The book also includes a layout template that further guides readers on what to expect in every chapter, without looking boring or sounding monotonous.  

Moloko Print Design Uses A Mouthwatering Collection Of Visuals 

If a culinary book can be a page-turner, this is surely itMoloko and Savushkin mastered the art of food photography, so much that readers are left craving more.  

The designers know that food is just as visual and they were able to replicate the experience on every page. It almost feels like the food is being served right in front of you. Unfortunately, we can't eat those pages even if we try. This is where the recipes come in.

Moloko and Savushkin made the recipes engaging and easy to follow. They created icons to simplify and highlight important steps. Then even included a significant amount of infographics  ― even the texture of cheese is visualized.  

The book aims to engage and educate every reader, regardless of their experience or knowledge. As long as the reader shares the same passion for cheese, they are bound to enjoy and learn from this material.  

Sample page spreads of the book

Moloko Helps Savushkin Share Its Appetite For Everything Cheese

If there’s anything new our team knows about cheese, it’s because of this book. Created to become a “cheese encyclopedia,” this material managed to be that and more.  

The stakes were high for Moloko when Savuskin approached them for the book's 5th edition. So much has been said about cheese, what is left for them to share?  

The idea of bringing readers along for the journey proved to be a success as they found themselves with so much more to say. This concept paved the way for more delicious stories centered around cheese.  

Although they tell stories about cultures that are centuries old, their modern approach to cheese makes the material relevant and a great resource for readers of all levels.  

Moloko’s Print Design For Savushkin Dairy Products Is This Year’s Big Cheese   

Like a fulfilling meal, this book gets better with every bite.  

It was designed elegantly and purposefully. It’s able to replicate the sensory experience that food provides through the use of stunning and creative visuals. Most importantly, it includes information that beginners and experts alike will continue to benefit from.  

It is not something that will simply be displayed in the library. It’s a book that is meant to be experienced over and over again. For this, our experts agreed to recognize this book as this year’s big cheese, pun definitely intended.  

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