Optus Fun Print Design

Re, a design agency, worked with Optus Mobile to create carrying bags for their retail locations that would evoke the love people have for their football team. Fans can shop at one of the Optus retail locations to receive a bag that shows off the dedication they have to their team.

Optus Print Design

The bag design not only shows off the “Yes” slogan used by Optus, but shoppers will be proud to carry this bag to represent their team. The team colors are used as the base palette on the bags, and there is a small Premier League logo near the top.

Overall, this is a very smart design. Customers will proudly carry these bags and show off their love for their team, while also acting as walking billboards for Optus. When you can get people to love your design and actively advertise on your behalf, you have a winning design.

Optus is a fun print design in the E-commerce & Retail industry.