Pitaia Print Design Cards

Pitaia’s Clean Print Design Is Engaging And Effective

Design studio Malarte was given the task of creating a brand identity and accompanying print design materials for Pitaia — a local Mexican shop selling pots and cacti in traditional Mexican fashion.

This fresh and simple design pulls from traditional Mexican elements and influences to create a print design that is timeless, elegant and simple.

Using bright colors, simple typography and influences based heavily on tradition, this print design captures the heart of Pitaia and its beautiful products.

These print designs range from business cards to thank you cards and everything in between. There are product cards and product menus. There are instructions and name tags and paper bags.

The range of print items creates a brand image that is fresh, clean and consistent.

Consumers want a product they feel good about. Consumers want brands that share their values and beliefs. They want brands that care, that have passions and that want to help make the world a better place in some way shape or form.

This new brand identity tells consumers that Pitaia cares about its roots and where they came from — and why you should too.

Pitaia Print Design Instructions

Pitaia’s Print Design Emphasizes The Beauty Of Nature Through Vibrant Imagery

The imagery and color choice used in these print designs are eye-catching and exciting. They're bright and in your face and full of heritage and history.  

They pull from traditional Mexican elements and influences — you can see this in the prominence of the color orange, the gold foil used for the logo and typography and the beautifully crafted illustrations that pull from the nature that inhabits the country.

These natural elements add a depth and an emotion to these designs. There’s an authenticity that comes from knowing the history and the passion behind the creations and the products.

These print designs help to establish a powerful and intuitive brand identity that shows customers that this brand cares about its products, where they come from and how they will add to the history of your own home.

The color orange is a traditional Mexican color, and this design uses it as a major influence. It’s the main color of its envelopes and it makes up the logo — a solid, sans-serif P with the words Pitaia Cacto Store Guadalajara Jalisco encircling it. This pop of color adds personality, fun and flare to the design that instantly makes it more approachable and friendly

It’s not just another stuffy brand pushing itself on you in a dull, lifeless and unoriginal way. Its simple, but it certainly stands out.

The other color you’ll find embedded in this design is a gold foil that lies on the envelopes and business cards. It makes up the wordmark or logo in some instances. This gold adds an elegance and regalness to the design that screams sophistication.

But the biggest pop of color is the seemingly hand-drawn designs that make up the backs of these print materials. Here you can see elaborate watercolor etchings of flowers, plants and cacti — another homage to their roots and heritage.

This adds creativity and passion. It shows their dedication and commitment to where they came from. It adds an authenticity that can’t be ignored and a friendliness that is extremely welcoming.

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Pitaia Print Design Letter

Pitaia’s Simple Print Design Plays With Typography In A Subtle And Sophisticated Way

Typography is minimal in this design. The text is written in simple black sans-serif font that almost fades into the background, letting the vibrant colors and cute illustrations take full focus.

The brand utilizes one-word descriptors, providing limited instruction and information. They are trying to inform but in as little words as possible as to heighten the visual beauty of these designs and of the products themselves.

The words don’t stand out in this design. They hang back. They fade away. They’re there to provide consumers with the information they need and that’s all.

In their place, cute drawings and simple illustrations add depth and knowledge for the consumer to absorb. Little images of suns and watering cans.

The use of imagery is ingenious in this design, and the simplifying and limiting of text is extremely powerful.

Pitaia Print Design Invitation

The Pitaia Print Design Uses Minimalistic Elements And Bright Colors To Make An Impact

Pitaia’s print designs are colorful, inspiring and elegant. They make great use of color, text and illustration to give consumers something happy to look at and interact with — something that shows their passion and dedication.

Pulling from their history and heritage, Pitaia — with the help of Malarte — establishes a fresh and clean new brand identity that puts their values first. You can see this throughout the design, from tradition colors to minimal text and to an elaborate and stunning showcase of artistic talent.

This brand puts its consumers first and created a print design that captivates and enlightens. It may be simple, but it is fierce.

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