Osmen print design

Osmen Print Design Cover Sets The Right Tone For The Rest Of The Pages

Osmen is an Australian manufacturer of outdoor furniture. The creative and advertising agency Brandergy was in charge of their product catalog and booklet design.

Projects like this are good to be worked on with a branding agency to maintain a consistent look and brand messaging. Also, to ensure all collaterals published across different platforms are aligned. 

Osmen print design is characterized by the prominent use of high-quality photographs of the company’s products in its “natural habitat,” the outdoors. It is something that becomes apparent immediately on the publication’s cover.

A full-size photo of a grey-colored outdoor lounge set against the backdrops of vast blue skies conveys the feel of minimalism, order and cleanness. The brand’s sharp, geometric logo and trademark multicolored line are the only branding elements gracing the elegant cover.

The atmosphere of Osmen’s catalog cover sets the tone for the inside pages. The clean layout and design effectively help the readers focus their attention on the solid renders of the furniture.

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Osmen print

Osmen Print Design Shows How An Editorial Layout With Geometric Typography Can Make A Material Look Contemporary

Since the catalog’s main purpose is to showcase the products in the best possible light, Osmen’s publication adopts an editorial layout with legible typography and a minimal amount of copy.

The pages follow different layout patterns, with the same aim of promoting the benefits and qualities of each piece of furniture. Wide-angle photos of entire furniture sets and closeups showing their details take up the majority of each page.

A very straightforward, contemporary-looking typeface presents the written content within the catalog’s pages. Its geometric character harmonizes with the pages’ layout, even with the furniture’s design.

The main chunks of texts feature fonts on the smaller end of the spectrum to not distract from the principal source of information – the visuals. Despite being there to supplement the images, the text feels like an extension of the design. The font’s main function is to form a holistic, consistent design experience.

Osmen print design by Brandergy

A Serene Color Palette Permeates The Osmen Print Design And Gives Readers A Feel-Good Experience

The photographs are in charge of supplying the color to the Osmen print design. Other elements are kept within the same palette so as not to overwhelm the pages with potentially tacky looks. And this is something Brandergy is well aware of.

They simply let the photos do the talking and coloring. The photo editing created mute and subdued effects that resulted in a very eye-pleasing and tranquil appearance.

Occasionally, the pages use pastel colors, such as light sandy brown, to form associations with temperate climates, which was Osmen’s main inspiration.

Excellent photo lightning is another contributor to this “feel-good” quality of Osmen print design. The brightness of each photo is just at the right level for the objects to pop out and not contrast sharply from the surrounding white space.

Osmen brochure print design

Osmen Proves That Plenty Of White Space And Minimal Copy Can Help Readers Focus On The Product Imagery

The uneven layout throughout the brochure makes this print design interesting because it introduces a slight element of surprise – the reader doesn’t know what image/text organization will appear on the pages ahead.

There is one constant, though: the negative space in page margins leaves plenty of “breathing” room for images and text to revel in. This practice, popular across multiple media including web design, follows the “less is more” philosophy: a smaller number of elements not crammed together to help with the message retention.

The quantity of text is quite consistent across the entire catalog, with small variations. Furniture’s technical specifications and a few short, descriptive paragraphs are all there is to it.

Osmen knows that the potential buyers make their buying decisions based on the images and dimensions (to evaluate if the piece fits inside their space), so using words on unnecessary product descriptions would be a waste of time and space.

Osmen catalog print

Osmen Print Design Demonstrates Top-Notch Photography As Its Main Tool Of Persuasion

Brandergy’s print design for Osmen is cutting-edge, simple, sleek and current. It embodies the 2020s notion of elegance in print publication.

While not overly saturated with colors, it adopts a more restrained principle in page presentation. Photography plays the main role and does most of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to delivering the message and providing value to prospective buyers.

Ask any graphic designer, and they would echo the same sentiment: a picture paints a thousand words. The said belief is exactly what makes this catalog well-designed and powerful.

For successfully bringing the power of images to the fore, for applying the ideal typeface and finding the perfect balance between saturated and muted colors, Osmen print design by Brandergy most deservingly wins DesignRush’s Best Print Design Award.

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