Spicers Alchemy Gorgeous Print Design

These luxury coasters, designed by Liquorice, show that coasters don’t have to be boring or bland. Instead, they can be extravagant and fun!

Spicers Alchemy Clean Print Design

The gold typography creates a feeling of luxury—not something you’d expect from a set of coasters. These items are meant to show how thick printing paper can adapt to a variety of jobs.

Spicers Alchemy Elegant Print Design

The different designs also show what kind of artistry can be incorporated into the printing. Again, gold is used along with black paper to create a classy gold and black coaster that wouldn’t look out of place at a fancy cocktail party.

Spicers Alchemy Print Design

The colorful coasters are fun, and they look like something you would find at a party that everyone talks about for months. The images almost make you feel as if there is a coaster for every mood and every party. They are customizable and unique.

Spicers Alchemy is a stunning print design in the Manufacturing industry.