Al Muzaki print design

Al Muzaki Print Design Highlights The Credentials And Decades-Long Expertise Of A Leading Construction Company

Al Muzaki is a construction company from the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1980, it has developed into one of the regional industry leaders., a digital agency from Dubai, has designed Al Muzaki’s corporate profile publication that summarizes the entire enterprise, from its origin story, over the brand mission, vision and statement, to its current and projected position in the global construction market.

Al Muzaki print design embodies all the essential qualities of a business bulletin: it is highly spartan when it comes to expressing flair and panache and is focused on profiling decades of work.

Style takes a back seat while substance reigns, which lends a very responsible function to the booklet’s design.

The publication is divided into thematic sections, from the opening chapters of Introduction and Facts & Figures, to Certifications & Accreditations. The bulletin’s narrative follows the logical, chronological order in which the reader should attain vital information about the company.

For the most part of this journal, a page with a dark or photo background is complemented by a contrasting, minimalist page with a predominantly light scheme on a single spread.

This technique keeps the reader engaged and attentive to the content on both pages, which is why other print design agencies also use it.

Al Muzaki print design inside pages

Corporate Colors On The Publication’s Cover & Page Elements Make A Strong Branding Statement

A tri-color palette of white, light blue and purple makes the impactful Al Muzaki print design cover.

The dark purple shade is used in typography and top-of-the-page branding, while the vibrant sky blue provides eye-pleasing accents.

The same colors are present throughout the actual publication. On the inside pages, the blue hue retains the role of an emphasis element, while the other two are used interchangeably for the text.

Artistic photos of Al Muzaki’s constructions and buildings provide another layer of vibrancy and color to the overall print design.

Other sections, such as the company’s organizational chart, introduce even more color to break the monotony.

These brand colors keep the entire publication consistent and grounded in the company’s roots, creating vital brand retention with the reader and bolstering Al Muzaki’s brand positioning.

Legible Sans-Serif Typography Contrasts The Pages’ Background

Different styles of the same sans-serif fonts appear throughout the Al Muzaki print design. The headlines and the most important bits of messaging are highlighted in bold typeface, while the main portion of content uses a light version.

The color of text depends on the complementing visuals: pages with a background image have white text, while predominant white pages use purple text. Both effectively contrast their neighboring elements.

This, along with the sheer nature of a very simple, flamboyance-free font, results in a very pleasant and simple reading experience.

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Al Muzaki print

Images & Various Graphics Supplement The Succinct Textual Content In Al Muzaki’s Corporate Publication

Al Muzaki’s corporate profile is all about providing important information in a well-organized and thought-out fashion.

They knew that imagery plays an important role in emphasizing the content and providing visual cues for easier retention.

From full-page professional photography akin to the nature of construction work to the vector bullet-point illustration, the great versatility of visuals helps with delivering the right meaning behind the bits of copy.

Neatly organized and illustrated charts, graphs and timelines are also featured in this print design. Crunching the figures this way makes them more digestible while lending credence to the company’s claims.

At the bottom-right corner of every page is Al Muzaki’s emblem – a wavy blue and white line that makes for a lovely visual identity element whose sole purpose is that of lending more appeal to an otherwise content-focused bulletin.

Al Muzaki print design

Al Muzaki Print Design Ticks All The Boxes Of Excellent Enterprise Branding

The anatomy of Al Muzaki print design layout follows all the best practices by graphic design companies for engaging readers to stay focused on every page.’s design team curated each spread as a whole. The viewing direction and reading flow are well-planned and never made complicated.

Al Muzaki’s corporate report strikes the right balance with evenly distributed content over each page. The purpose is clearly communicated, be it through images, story or something else entirely.

Another vital consideration in this print design is the hierarchy of information. It’ll be hard to miss the most important pieces of content as they are made to visually stand out.

Finally, readability is on par with every other facet of this print design. The font is easy to read and the design’s color palette ensures enough contrast between the copy and the background.

The publication’s simplicity, functionality and distinctive branding elements make Al Muzaki's corporate profile a worthy winner of DesignRush’s Best Design Award.

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