Wayward Wines Colorful Print Design

Wayward Wines is a new concept from Robot Food that defies typical category cues and shuns snobbishness in the wine production industry. Stress is not placed on a particular region, year, or individual grape. Robot Food aims to show off the beautifully blended wines in a spectrum of bold, distinctive flavors.

Wayward Wines is an expressive, accessible brand of wine, positioned to bring some relevance back to a stuffy category. The brand aims to disrupt the wine market -- and its print design definitely helps.

Wayward Wines Elegant Print Design

The print design of the wine bottle labels accurately represents Wayward Wines' brand identity. The bottles don’t contain mentions of years or grapes, but each wine’s identity is dictated by its own unique blend of tasting notes. The print on each bottle is indicative of the kind of flavor to expect from the wine. Bold color patterns and paths, expressive hand-illustrated lines, and texture all work together to give the consumer an instant idea of what the wine will taste like.

All the Wayward Wines’ print designs are different, depending on the kind of wine it is, but all the labels follow the same clean, contemporary overarching Wayward design representative of the brand identity.

Wayward Wines Print Design

The color palettes used on the print labels are very visually appealing. A mix of pastel shades as well as bright colors has been used, providing an excellent contrast. The patterns and shades on the labels complement each other very well, making for a great visual design experience.

The labels are very minimal on the text, with only a small margin dedicated to written information about the product. Printed on a clear white background, the font used is a sharp black, well-spaced and easy to read.

Overall, the Wayward Wines print design is an excellent example of contemporary design that is both minimal on the text yet very informative.

Wayward Wines is a colorful print design in the Food & Beverage industry.