The Crux & Co Print Designs

The Crux & Co.’s Clean Print Design Achieves Simple Elegance

The Crux & Co. is a cafe and patisserie in Melbourne, Australia. They specialize in delicate, French-inspired delectable that range from macarons to mud cakes. Their desserts truly are works of art — so their print design has a lot to live up to.

The cafe recently enlisted the help of an Australian design and branding firm Hue Studio. With the help of these creatives, The Crux & Co. was able to unveil an entirely new menu and name card print design line that heightened the beauty and majesty of the pastries themselves.

According to the team at Hue Studio:

The Crux & Co. Patisserie on Little Collins St was created as a “lighter" version of its parent cafe in South Melbourne. To reflect this smaller but nevertheless just as significant part of The Crux & Co. the logo and typeface remained the same while a minimised menu, new name cards, loyalty cards and a lighter colour palette were developed.

And these subtle changes made a huge impact on the look and feel of these treats — as well as the brand as a whole.

The Crux & Co Menu Print Designs

Print Design Utilizes Captivating Logo And Bright Colors To Make An Impact

The new look and feel of The Crux & Co. brand are soft, subtle and elegant. The new print design materials utilize pastel pinks, blues, and purples. There is also an emphasis on empty space which really adds a cleanness to the overall design that can’t be ignored.

On one side of these name cards and loyalty cards is the company information — address, phone number, and email address. These are written in small, tight sans-serif font. They are written out in gold foil and align to the top left corner of the card.

In some shape or form, the name of the cafe itself is labeled as well. In some instances it is spaced out around the entire card, in others, it sits at the bottom right, with “Co” written backward.

On the other side of this card is the logo, which is two Cs — one facing the right way, and one facing the wrong way — with a forward slash dividing the two. This monogram takes up almost the entire design and is etched in gold foil. There is a three-dimensional aspect to this design that instantly pops out at you, and the shine certainly catches your eye.

There's also a subtle quirkiness to this design that takes these prints to the next level. They aren’t just light and feminine — they’re also a little bit edgy.

The name cards and loyalty cards aren’t created in typical, rectangular fashion. Instead, they are created in the shape of a square with three rounded edges and one pointed edge — giving off the vibe of a thought bubble or word bubble.

It’s a subtle design feature, but one that instantly fills you with bubbly joy.

The menu itself is equally soft and pleasing to the eye. There is plenty of white space surrounding the menu items which sit small and daintily on the page. Scattered across are gold polka dots that add some fun, and at the top left-hand corner, there is another logo iteration — this time on a piece of twine material.

The design is very cozy, comfortable and down to earth.

Overall, these print designs flow effortlessly together and create an experience that is pleasing, eye-catching and calming for the viewer.

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The Crux & Co Package Designs

The Crux & Co. Keeps Brand Consistency A Priority

It’s not just their print designs that are taking center stage at this bakery. In fact, this consistency in design is mirrored across all areas — from their website to their packaging. The same golden logo is seen on their macaron boxes, their cake boxes, and even their coffee cups.

This consistency is vital in creating one cohesive experience for the user. On average, it takes five to seven impressions for someone to remember your brand, so the more widespread you are making yourself be seen, the better.

The Crux & Co. does a fantastic job at keeping their branding consistent, comprehensive and copious. Whether you’re picking up a box of cookies or ordering a cake online for an event, you’re getting the same experience and being welcomed with the same images.

This is a smart choice, considering many competitors often have a level of inconsistency when it comes to design and branding. Many opt for cheaper, less iconic packaging and print alternatives that do nothing for the brand itself.

The Crux & Co. knows what it’s doing with design, and it’s doing it well.

The Crux & Co Card Print Designs

This Crux & Co. Print Design Is Stunning, Timeless and Simple

With the use of a soft and feminine color palette, bright gold logos and consistent branding, The Crux & Co. is using their print design to stand out as a leader in the world of food and beverage.

Their design is engaging, yet subtle. It’s exciting, yet subdued. It’s a powerful combination that draws people in and urges them to learn more and to take the time to do so.

This simple and elegant print design is one that easily makes consumers want to choose their products over the competition.

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