Standout Features:

  • Problem-solution approach
  • Static dark blue gradient background
  • Neon graphics

One of the main pillars of a best explainer video is its ability to present a solid solution to a problem in a matter of seconds. If you want an example, take a look at this creation by Broacast2world for Chargesight: a real-time EV fleet charging platform.

From the get-go, the video recognizes the struggle of monitoring and optimizing one’s charger base and how it affects business operations.

Moving on, it proceeds to introduce the brand as a convenient and productive solution without mentioning the company. Why? The strategy here is to focus on addressing the pain point first before introducing the brand name.

Remember: people are looking for answers, not advertisements.

To complement this, the designers used outlined, animated visuals that represent the platform’s features and benefits. Both the text and illustrations have a neon aesthetic that goes well with what the brand offers.

Lastly, using a static dark theme made the entire sequence clean and easy on the eyes.

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