8 Animated Motion Graphics Video Examples

8 Animated Motion Graphics Video Examples
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Last Updated: April 06, 2023

Motion graphics videos are a great way to explain a product or discuss a brand in a fun, approachable and playful way. That’s why most corporate companies turn to motion graphics effects in their visual media — it immediately softens the mood and creates a lightness that can’t be beaten. Plus, video content can increase revenue up to 49 percent faster!

In video advertisements, motion graphics also make a statement. They add personality. They add a unique flare. They add a lightness that is mesmerizing and can display information in a way that is impossible to resist.

Utilizing motion graphics is a growing trend in video design. These motion graphics are often times animated — because it’s easier to manipulate animations and illustrations than it is real life people and objects.

Here is a list of 7 best animated motion graphics video examples to inspire your next corporate video.

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7 Animated Motion Graphics Videos Engage Target Audiences

1. Slack

Slack is an internal communication tool that makes workplace discussion and collaboration easier, and they used a colorful and bubbly explainer video to help others understand how powerful their platform can be.

The motion graphics in this video are stunning. Multicolored geometric shapes float and bounce along the screen like this is a game of pinball and these shapes are trying to maneuver themselves around the screen to their final destination.

They shoot together and separate. These shapes fly and zoom and spin. These colors are bright and vivid, playing with movement in an exciting and spectacular way. The animation is clean, minimal and simple. The colors add excitement, and the movement really brings the design full circle.

These little shapes make up the chaos that comes with work -- they are files and folders and data sheets and emails that all get lost along the way.

But the video ends with the shapes all coming together in a sleek and seamless way that shows the power of the tool. There's a bright and airiness to this design that comes from the animations and the motion graphics. It's light. It's engaging. It's interactive. And the use of moving geometric shapes really simplifies the whole concept of the platform making it easier for others to understand what it really does.

2. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a social media marketing tool that brands can use to manage their social media channels and platforms. It's a tool that is supposed to make the process of creating, uploading and posting social media posts much easier.

But MeetEdgar is just one of a dozen management tools, and when they all do the same thing relatively, this brand knew they needed to stand out.

So to engage with their audiences and convince them that their platform was the best to choose, they created a video that is soothing, sophisticated and informative. And they used motion graphics to add a playful personality that stood out from the competition.

A cartoon man sits at his computer, while little bubbles pop up around him showing his tasks. But he's just one man and he can't do it all. That's where MeetEdgar comes in. The movement here transitions from anecdotal to factual as statistics appear on the screen in a simple and cartoonish way.

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The background zooms in and zooms out. Cartoons bob and float. Characters float and glide across the screen as the narrator takes them on a social media journey. And this movement is paired with cute and silly sounds that elevate the design -- bubble pop and posts fly.

The animation and the motion in this design are playful, creative and nostalgic. And it certainly connects with the users on a personal level.

3. Chipotle

Chipotle is a popular fast food chain offering burritos, bowls and salads. In this video, Chipotle outlines their process of acquiring their ingredients in a very emotional and compelling way.

This video takes consumers back to the start, showing their dedication to sustainability and proper animal treatment. The brand wants to show that they care, and they used this clever and engaging video to do it.

Claymation cartoons make up the characters in this video. They're on a farm full of animals. In the background, Coldplay's The Scientist plays. There's a somber tone to the video thanks to the music and imagery shown. And the subtle movement of these characters adds to the deeper mood.

But there is also a lightness in the animations and the movement used. While this brand is taking a stand and working towards providing its consumers with better quality ingredients, they are still keeping the tone relatively light with the cartoonish characters and story.

There's an ethereal quality to this video. There is an enigmatic essence that compels and captivates. These characters are simple, the message is simple and the goal is simple -- but it is equally powerful and engaging.

This video was created to promote brand awareness and shine the brand in a positive light. It was created to add character to Chipotle itself. And in light of the recent scandal, they need promotional tools that take consumers back to the start and show them the real Chipotle values. This video does that exceptionally. 

4. Duluth Trading Company

This hilarious, cute and clever video for Duluth Trading Company really embraces the brand's witty personality and condenses it into a 30-second video.

This clothing brand is known for its funny commercials, and this is just one example of their creative genius. There's wit, there's humor and there's education. This ad is promoting Duluth underwear for men, and they connect on a very simple and approachable level.

Two illustrated men are sitting in a truck bouncing around. They are supposed to represent what happens inside your underwear. It's a little bit crass, but it's extremely engaging and you keep watching because you want to see what they're going to do next.

Product animations zoom onto the screen as the perspective shifts. Now you get to see what happens in Duluth underwear. This scene depicts two astronauts skyrocketing into space. They are safe and protected.

These illustrations are engaging. The subtle motion graphics add simplicity. The narrator provides context. This commercial is simple, effective and fun. Your brand can learn from these techniques to create short, quippy commercials that sell.

5. Nest

Nest is a producer of home automation products. They create software and gadgets that help you connect with your home and control certain aspects -- like the lights, the heating and even the locks on your doors. Nest products allow you to control what's going on in your home from your phone or laptop miles away.

The resulting video aims to simplify these products in a way that people can better understand so they can make the decision to integrate them into their own home. And it uses a clever balance of playful animations and real product shots to get its point across.

There's a vintage vibe to the design that comes from the colors, shapes and characters created. They are angular and bright and bombastic. And they cleverly show situations where these products can be used.

You see their implementation and their usage. You see how to set them up and how to solve problems with them.

Scenes, scenarios and situations slide in, characters show movement and shapes fall into place. Geometric shapes create designs that move and flow and grow and adapt. There's a modernity and a chaotic nature to this that gets further simplified as the video continues -- this calls back to how th3 product simplifies everyday, chaotic actions.

This video not only simplifies the concept of Nest but also simplifies its usage.

6. Spotify

Spotify is a dynamic, exciting and bright brand that offers music streaming services to millions of subscribers. They promote activity, fun, and happiness through the use of music and dance. They want you to get lost in the music and have fun while doing it.

To match the effervescent of the brand, they created a promotional video that is full of colors, retro characters, exciting movement and real-life imagery.

They seamlessly integrated Spotify music sessions, video and animations in a charismatic and enlightening way. This video exemplifies the Spotify brand beautifully with geometric and fluid movement, iconic colors, creative shapes and clever movement.

Colors, characters and shapes all play a major role in this video, and the use of motion graphics adds a softness and a lightness to the design as a whole that makes it extremely engaging, eye-catching and compelling.

Circles morph and grow. Character outlines dance and sway. There's a bubbly and enthusiastic nature to this design that can't be beaten, and it makes you want to dance along to the rhythm of the music that is laid over these dancing images.

This dynamic and exciting video promotes the use of the Spotify app in a fun, enthusiastic and playful way that showcases the Spotify brand in a positive and exciting light.

7. Tech Insider

Tech Insider creates a lot of informative videos that shed light on popular theories, concepts and ideas. They are sometimes historic or technical in nature, but they never feel unreachable. This is due to their crafty use of motion graphics and animations that simplify complex ideas and create content that demands to be absorbed.

In this video, Tech Insider is showing viewers how deep the ocean is through clever images and animations. They walk the viewers through this concept in a very formulaic, step by step process that is simple, subtle and cool.

This motion graphics video is a great example of how brands can use these techniques to create a video that condenses a lot of facts and figures into an easily digestible format. This video leads users into the ocean, down deep into the depths and it does so in a sophisticated yet fun way.

At each level, there is another comparison or fun fact that the video displays to increase excitement and engagement.

The movement in this video is simple. It's not big or flashy. It's not fast or dynamic. The movements are slight, but it's just enough to catch your eye and push you to absorb the information being presented.

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The Benefits of Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphics are a smooth and stunning way to showcase a concept or idea. They are a stunning way to communicate, enlighten and inspire. But just because this element looks nice in videos, doesn't mean that it is a compelling enough reason for your brand -- which is why we're going to break down a number of compelling arguments in favor of motion graphics videos.

First things first, motion graphics look the part. They are elegant and smooth and beautiful. They can lift a design from good to great and leave your audience feeling inspired and excited.

They add personality to your brand -- especially in explainer videos, incorporating animation and motion graphics effects can engage on a more personal level.

Motion graphics have also become one of the most professional ways to showcase your products and ideas. They show prestige and talent. They show dedication and determination. Motion graphics have become a professional staple, and you'd be doing your brand a disservice by not utilizing them.

You can pack so much in a motion graphics video in an easy to digest way -- numbers, facts, and figures are all easily condensed and conveyed in an understandable and comprehensive way. 

And motion graphics breathe life into your video. They add personality and an understandable nature that is compelling and engaging. You might think that your software is exciting, but most people don't think so. Motion graphics helps convince them of that.

But sometimes, you just need to see motion graphics in action. Because they can go awry if you're not aware of how to use them. Luckily, we've compiled a list of 10 options that display motion graphics in stunning, exciting and interactive ways to give you and your brand some video design inspiration.

Motion Graphics Videos and Their Effect on Your Brand

When it comes to connecting with your audience, promoting your brand identity and conveying information in an easy-to-understand way, look no further than motion graphics. These clever and exciting animations bring your videos to life and give your brand a modern and fresh edge.

Motion graphics are an essential element to successful video design as they add a playful and understandable aspect to your videos -- and if you're working with a topic that's otherwise dry, or trying to convey your brand story, adding some of this dynamic movement can really lift the mood.

Motion graphics are a professional design element that shows your audience that you know what you're talking about and know how to interact and connect with them. They also show your talent outside of your niche or industry.

With motion graphics, you can engage, interact and inspire with ease. They're vital for content that captivates and products that sell. You can't afford to fall behind on this one, so use these exciting motion graphics videos as inspiration for your own brand.

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