Dance Toned Video Design Motivates Viewers With An Energetic And Exciting Exercise Reel

Dance Toned Video Design Changes Perspectives On Home Workouts

Ever since “working from home” became a worldwide convention, more people have turned to home exercises as a way to maintain their overall health and body image.

However, staying fit and healthy at home isn’t so easy. The cozy bed, the absence of a gym buddy and the lack of reverberating energy in the room can make exercises feel like a chore.

Wanting to showcase “workouts you actually enjoy”, the Dance Toned fitness program employed In Color Studios, Las Vegas-based creative studio, to produce an exciting exercise video that motivates the audience to take action, immediately.

Dance Toned video design turns the whole gym culture on its head by visually pointing out the often forgotten perks of working out from the comfort of your home.

The energetic video doesn’t have to highlight the obvious advantages such as cost-efficiency, membership fees redundancy, or the sheer frustration of trying to find a cozy parking spot during busy hours.

In fact, the Dance Toned video transforms peer pressure into pure pleasure by highlighting the obvious – when there’s a will, there’s a way and Dance Toned offers a wide variety of exercise plans, from beginner, intermediate to advanced techniques.

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Dance Toned Video Design Uses An Upbeat Soundtrack To Underline The Brand’s Messaging

Living rooms are generally not the most visually engaging spaces in the world, however, In Color Studios did the impossible.

Using their expertise in crafting enticing music videos, they infused the Dance Toned video design with electrifying video cues, edits and transitions that reshape a home lounge into an MTV stage waiting for new superstar performers.

Having in mind the brand’s name and messaging, working out while feeling like dominating the podium isn’t that far from the truth.

“Look like a dancer without being a dancer.”

The video masterfully synchronizes the upbeat notes of The Breakwaves’s power pop-rock track “Make it Rock”, with an exercise routine and messaging, inspiring viewers of all ages to get up and start “dancing” “side to side, left to right”.

The Dance Toned Video Is An Anthem Of Movement, Liberation And Female Empowerment

Ever since Hollywood and feminist icon Jane Fonda released her first home exercise bestseller on the now ancient VHS during the 1980s, female-oriented home workouts became one of the first steps in emphasizing “girl power”.

Dance Toned video design doesn’t consciously refer to the origin of the movement, but faced with the aftermath of the newest social disturbances, the image of strong, healthy and fit women is more important than ever before.

The result is an engaging video that doesn’t showcase inaccessible divas of the past, but the powerful and graceful ladies that represent today’s empowered women.

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Dance Toned Proves That Action Can Replace Narration In Modern Video Design

Why do commercials use narration?

Simply put, to elude the limited time frame in which they operate and still successfully market a product or a service by using the compelling voice to guide and influence prospective customers’ buying decisions.

Dance Toned video design ignores this standard completely and lets its audience project themselves and their “#goals” onto the on-screen champions. Narration is non-existent, as the training snippets do the talking.

The hi-res video material is further supported with brief san-serif typeface messages that both educate the viewers about the Dance Toned offering, as well as summarize the dynamic home workout experience.

The casual and zestful atmosphere presents Dance Toned as a lifestyle, and most especially a health and wellness brand that is not only fun but also accessible and attainable.

Dance Toned Video Design Leads The Movement To An Inclusive Fitness Program

There’s no dancing around it – a lot has changed during the pandemic and the business world is still pursuing ways to adapt. The once proven strategies in health and fitness advertisements must go through a drastic shift to stay relevant.

Keeping in mind that the vast majority of their audience spends time in front of the screen, Dance Toned employs the power of video marketing to help viewers make a positive change.

Dance Toned video design accentuates flex in the brand’s flexible approach. It delivers a clear and powerful message through the use of relatable figures to influence viewers to engage in personal fitness at their own pace.

Besides burning calories and increasing fitness levels, exercising to different types of music is proven to improve one’s mood and the Dance Toned video highlights that. The combination of music and movement releases endorphins in the brain, which contribute to the increased vitality and mental health.

Although the Dance Toned fitness program is mostly intended for solo exercise, the video evokes the sense of a community by bringing forward several different women working out individually, yet in tandem.

For recognizing the people’s need for connection and better health in the most challenging of situations, Dance Toned deserves to win the DesignRush Best Video Design Award.

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