Following the No. 2 female fencer in the world; this video uses a wide range of shots to help tell a story.

Nzingha Prescod narrates her own story as the video fills in the blanks for us. A perfect example of the video stepping in to tell a portion of the story is when a series of close up shots focus on Nzingha Prescod’s medals and trophies. This shows the amount of success that she has had in the sport but she doesn’t talk much about her success in her narration so without the use of these shots and the opening title slate, we would not know what level of fencing she had achieved.

Not only does the video use a great mix of close up shots as well as wide and medium angle shots, but the creator has also alternated between action shots and much more subdued scenes. Quick, intense moments of her fencing an opponent jump to a mundane-seeming shot of her browsing video on her phone. It gives a true sense of the life of an athlete beyond training or competing.

Telling a story with words is easy. Allowing the story to be told by alternating words and the silent explanation of video engages the viewer at a level most video creators only dream of.

NZINGHA is a gorgeous demo video.