Rollbacks That Rock the Show

Walmart is known for their famous “Rollback” of prices for popular products to help families afford the goods they need. Their 2017 Holiday Ad dubbed “Rollbacks That Steal the Show” is a wonderful video capturing the happiness from low prices during the holidays.

Jingle bells play in the background as multiple scenes show family member’s sneaking behind their loved ones to surprise them with a present. What makes this opening scene even better? "Whoomp! (There It Is)" by Tag Team plays in the background.

Each family member opens the gift and embraces the giver with huge hugs and high fives.

Children open the gifts and their mouths drop with shock as they witness the gift they wanted all year in their hands. A child is seen grasping a tablet device with a bear hug as if he is in pure nirvana.

The song continues to play as the children victory dance around Christmas trees and stockings.

“Hundreds of Toys now on Rollback” appears on the screen.

Rolling back prices can be the miracle that many families need to make Christmas as special as the scenes in this ad. It is an act of compassion and humility that Walmart captured with their rollback campaign.

There is no greater joy during the holidays than surprising your child or loved one with a gift they have dreamt about all year. The shock on their faces as they open the gift and dancing celebrations is priceless. Walmart’s ad captures the potential scenes that the viewer can experience because of their rollback prices of hundreds of toys.

This is what the holiday spirit is about: Giving. Walmart has made it possible to give even more. Christmas 2017 will be much brighter because of these rollbacks. We can be assured that there are many more celebration dances to come this Christmas from kids across the country.

Rollbacks That Rock the Show is a sweet commercial video

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