4uatre Colorful Homepage

Branding agency 4uatre has taken web design to the next level. Their website is hip and colorful, and it enhances the UX and UI. The intro page flashes a quick animation that plays on the company’s name. The background changes color, while the number four switches mediums, comprised of different shapes and colors.

What’s interesting about the intro page is how quickly it grabs a visitor's attention. It plays on the idea of grasping those first nine seconds with methodical imagery and matching color schemes.

4uatre Clean Main Website

The home page jumps into the company’s main website, specifically to 4uatre’s visual portfolio. A high-resolution image banner featuring 4uatre’s past works is displayed. As users scroll down, the banner image images change, making the page easy to navigate. 4uatre uses a single page site format for the home page. Its white background emphasizes the portfolio and the menu bar at the top of the page. The website uses minimal content, which is a great use of UX interface application.

4uatre Elegant Website Design

4uatre’s “About” page is simplistic, accentuating the content and the high-resolution, black-and-white photographs. The deep scroll format makes it easy for users to learn about the company’s purpose and values. The content is purposeful and well-written, explaining 4uatre’s backstory.

The subheadings are a bold black, while the content is light-gray. The juxtaposition of the colors against the white background makes the scrolling transition pleasing to the eyes of viewers. 4uatre’s experimental design and use of imagery illustrates their creative talents. The website is clean, fresh, and inviting, allowing users to experience the company's culture firsthand.

4uatre is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.