Telenoryng Great Homepage

Millennials are one of the toughest crowds to market to thanks to the popularity of social media. However, Telenoryng has cashed in on the millennial market. The popular European music streaming service has taking advantage of the 18-28 age demographic by forming a unique business model, in addition to creating a beautiful, user-friendly website.

The homepage is an animated attention grabber. It only uses high-resolution photos and leverages CSS to enhance the UI and UX interface. When a visitor first accesses the website, they’re welcomed by one subtle message, “join something brand new.” Once the user clicks on the “press here button” the content changes using an animated parallax scroll that offers a simple call of action.

Telenoryng Great Website Design

The entire website operates with a full-screen module that uses a parallax scroll design. By the second page, viewers are watching an automated video that explains how the service works. This concept highlights the brilliance of the site's UX and UI interface.

The astounding videography and still graphics capture the essence of the website's theme. Every embedded image is of the highest quality and is used in fullscreen mode in place of a backdrop.

Telenoryng Great Parallax Effect

The parallax scroll makes the website bold, attractive, and easy to maneuver. At the top left corner of each page, there’s a menu button and when users click it, a mega menu pops out and reaches to the middle of the screen. The mega menu may be large, however, the classic white background and black typeface makes it appear smaller and doesn’t take away from the theme of the website.

Telenoryng Clean Website Design

Millennials appreciate the convenience and tangibility of modern technology. The design captures their user's attention within the first nine seconds. It offers users an imaginative experience that other music streaming sites overlook. The website is young, fresh, inclusive, and most importantly, a contemporary digital masterpiece.

Telenoryng is a great website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.