Resn Amazing Homepage

Sleek, elegant, chic, and sexy--the only four words that can be used to describe Resn’s spectacular website. The design offers a refreshing user interface with stunning graphics and experimental UX implementations making it a top contender.

The Resn website is the one, all web designers should be afraid of. The dark-imagery bleeds elegance, especially on the homepage, which draws attention to the interactive diamond in the middle of the screen.

The user can interact with the diamond by holding down the cursor and watching it implode into a design haven that uses a 3D UI and UX threshold to play and interact with the various graphics.

Resn Amazing Website Design

The website is clean and simple. Each page has four buttons in the corner that are quite visible but transparent against the backdrop. The showreel page is a unilateral design that fosters a relationship between the backdrop and the embedded video.

The video is purposeful and doesn’t waste space. It’s a simple video featuring a collage reels and images that is a testimony to Resn’s work. It’s a digital gallery with an original hip-hop score that is in step with each screenshot and reels the viewer in.

Resn Amazing About Page

The about page carries the heaviest content, yet it’s short, sweet, and to the point. The overall visual concept of the page is stunning, with an animated backdrop featuring darks reds and an aquamarine logo against the black backdrop. This concept doesn’t distract the viewer from the forward-facing content. Every label is accompanied by a short, well-written blurb which preserves the site’s simplistic theme.

Resn Amazing Website Design

The photo gallery is simple, bold, and blazen. It’s the Goldilocks of digital design, not too much and not too little. The slider scroll displays selected works from the company’s extensive portfolio. Each piece that they chose was intentional and stood out against the black backdrop. Nothing on this page was wasted, every pixel of space had intent.

Resn is defining experimental undertones and reshaping the way websites utilize UI and UX interfaces. The design company is a top contender, not because their website has a cool design, but because it’s an unrecognizable design.

Resn is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Technology industries.