Marching Ant Beautiful Homepage

When ants come together, they create something incredible as a group. That’s how Marching Ant operates, too -- by creating something phenomenal together as company and client. With a focus on holistic and compelling designs, their style truly shines on their website.

Upon landing on the site’s homepage, the company employs a cunning take on their name with the use of tiny particles to create their motto. It creates the illusion of ants and it’s highly entertaining as the site’s initial focal point, standing against a gray backdrop. It’s simplistic and effective in holding the user’s attention.

Simplicity is the first key to a great experience as users scroll down from the initial animation on the site. A clean and beautiful display of defined images are put together, their vibrant colors and intriguing compositions standing out against the whiteness of their borders.

An organized platform is the second key to a great user experience and Marching Ant does so effectively. An evenly-spaced grid places each portfolio piece next to one another. 

The organization makes looking through the portfolio pieces a breeze, as the touch of the mouse initiates additional insight into the type of project -- enough to pique your interest and keep you browsing.

Testimonials about working with a company can make a huge impact on securing new clients, and Marching Ant gets that.

To help show the value their clients have placed with the company, testimonials are readily available for you to go through. A stationary slideshow lets you take control and read what’s been said about Marching Ant.

The monochromatic design makes for an easy-to-read layout where your focus is drawn to the portrait and the bolded name of the person.

Enticing the user with a sneak preview of the testimonial encourages their interaction with the site; they hover their mouse over the text box to activate a flip action that allows them to read the remaining quote. Adorable red hearts accent either side of the text boxes and double as the slider navigation buttons, adding a quirky spin on “gaining the love of a client.”

Maintaining a minimalistic theme that relies on red, white, black and gray, Marching Ant creates an effective website that focuses solely on showcasing their talents and impact. An overall organized appearance allows for easy site navigation for users.

Marching Ant is a best website design in the Professional Services industry.

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