Arte Surface real estate web design

Arte Surfside is a Miami-based ultra-luxury residence building designed by world-leading architects and designers. The object is elegant, classy and infuses minimalist style.

The combination of cozy condos, lush landscaping surroundings and amazing amenities like the indoor and outdoor pool, rooftop tennis court, catering kitchen and sauna make this place the dream residence for home seekers.

With so much to offer, the building’s real estate web design used a rich navigation menu in a black, bold font, placed in a horizontal line.

With a single click on the menu tab in the left corner of the website, visitors can choose between the architecture, residences, amenities, lifestyle, availability, team, press and contact options.

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parallax effect on Arte Surface real estate website

The Parallax Effect Gives The Website Fresh, Stylish And Modern Feel 

The website used a parallax effect to create an illusion of depth giving the feel as if the elements are in 3D.

The foreground elements move at a faster rate than the page’s background.

This cool aesthetic makes the website memorable and distinctive but at the same time makes the visitors stick longer on the website and explore more of its content.

Arte Surface residence building

The Residence Images Combined With Big Bold Paragraphs Allure Visitors To Desire The Place 

This real estate web page design is characterized by apartment images that actually show the users the modern and chic look of the rooms.

Next to them, there are bold lettered paragraphs placed in light blue backgrounds with the aim to emphasize the apartment’s attributes.

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Arte Surfside Uses Parallax Effects To Encourage Visitors Spend More Time On Their Website (slide 4)

Arte has used the same combination on its amenities page to introduce the available facilities.

This combination works because as the visitors read the eye-catching descriptions and look at the nice images, the site makes them dream about the place.

Arte Surface contact form

The Simple Contact Information Form Entices Visitors To Get In Touch With The Company 

This real estate website design has a clean and simple contact information form that makes it easy to fulfill. The limited amount of required information also simplifies the process and expedites it.

Users are asked to provide several key details in order to register and set an appointment with the brand.

There are no distractions that might drag the users away but there is a use of a minimalist web design that allows readers to focus on the contact form only.

real estate web design -press page

Arte Surfside Has A Nicely Designed Press Page To Boost Its Brand Image

When used properly, press pages can be an effective web design element.

Being aware of the benefits it carries, Arte Surfside has developed a nicely designed press page that includes all the mentions of the brand by different organizations.

A nice featured image along with a title, publisher name, date and two clickable options that allow users to read the article online or in PDF version are provided with every post.

real estate website design - interactive map

The Huge Interactive Map Guides Users Through The Neighbourhood

On the lifestyle page, there is a huge interactive map that visitors can zoom in and zoom out to explore the nearby area.

They can locate the food, nightlife, leisure and cultural places around the residence building all at once or each group of places separately by selecting or deselecting the provided categories in the navigation menu on the left side of the map.

Each category is highlighted with different colors, so they can easily distinguish between the listings.

minimalist real estate design

Their Minimalist Design Keeps The Readers’ Focus On The Visual Content

This real estate web design teaches us how to implement minimalism and combine it with images.

There is limited usage of colors. In fact, their designer has employed grey and white only which makes the visitors focus on the visual content.

The minimalist web design and simple layout also make the pages clean and easy for the eyes which improves the experience of the users and their interaction with the website.

responsive real estate website design

Arte Surfside’s Responsive Real Estate Website Design Increases The Brand’s Visibility On Search Engines

The mobile version of Arte Surfside’s site is a great example of a responsive real estate website design that other businesses can learn a lot from.

It is fast and perfectly operates on different devices including both smartphones and tablets which increases the chances for higher traffic.

The fact that users can easily and quickly access the site further enhances the user experience and contributes to more conversions.

Users are able to maximize the size of the images, similar to the desktop version, and even view them like a slide.

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What Makes Arte Surfside's Website Successful

Arte Surfside is a simple yet successful website design in the real estate and architecture industries.

The brand has incorporated different techniques like a parallax effect and big bold paragraphs combined with high-quality residence images to drag the visitors’ attention and successfully market its condos.

The minimalist web design, simple contact form and interactive map increase the user experience making the visitors well satisfied with their interaction with the website.

The clean layout makes it easy on the eyes allowing the users to easily navigate through the site and its pages.

Arte Surfside’s responsive real estate website design allows for higher visibility on search engines since moving to an ideal home actually starts with a search online.

To improve its brand image and boost its credibility, the brand has created a nicely designed press page that showcases all of the places websites have been featured on.

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